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Anyone using Aivlasoft EFB and injecting traffic in it by MTX on FSX?


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Somehow I don't seem able to display surrounding traffic in Aivlasoft EFB, despite having followed the EFB settings suggested in their manual.

I have goodled extensively. But, nothing comes up ... so, it must be only me?

Any help will be much appreciated.



PS ... I am going to check also with Aivlasoft ....

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Could you start with what Aivlasoft EFB is? Is it an addon airport? Please if you refer to airports always use the 4 letter ICAO naming scheme.

Hi Burkhard,

I apologize and I hope I can be forgiven for not giving enough details in my original post.

EFB is an add-on. It stands for Electronic Flight Bag and it's developed and sold by Aivlasot (www.aivlasoft.com).

Among other things, its interface can display moving maps, assist simmers with route planning and management by injecting flight plans and radio frequencies directly in the related instruments of supported add-ons like PMDG, iFly, etc.,

receive and display METAR from weather add-ons like REX or from online weather providers like NOAA, diplay surrounding AI Traffic, either from traffic management add-ons like MTX or from VATSIM and/or IVAO.

Anyway, I think that I may be getting close to a solution soon, which I am starting to be sure may have nothing to do with MTX. In that case, I apologize for starting this topic.

On the other hand, I am not sure it is related or not. I keep getting the error message on green tape: "ERROR: Please lower the amount of AI traffic configured. (More than 1000 simultaneous SimConnect requests!)".

These are my traffic settings:









I have googled for answers and noticed that other people have a similar problem and again which may not be related to MTX. However, if you knew the source of such error message, it would help me greatly in solving something that has been bugging me for a long time.

Thank you and kind regards


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For those intersted, the solution was to press on TRFC button on the EFB Display Unit.

More intimately, the problem was about me reading the wrong manual :oops:

Apologies to whomever has beeen readin, especially to Burkhard.

Happy weekend


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