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Too much parked traffic at some airports // Increasing performance


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Hi folks,

I'm new to this forum and using MTX 5.4 for a while - a great tool, one of the best you can get for fsx! - but I've got some problems with it...

First, there are some airports (e.g. Frankfurt/Main) where you nearly get not one aviable gate at all because all them aircraft are on the ground!

I have the impression that when you start a flight (or generally when AI-traffic has to be loaded) there are very few aircraft flying, but all parking at the gates and departing slowly one after another. This results in almost every gate blocked - e.g. there's only one (!) aviable at Terminal 2 which is very unrealistic! (Later some more can be headed but you still need to have luck to get a "good" one.)

I wonder about this because on almost every other airport MTX does a great job, but - although I prefer flying around the US East coast and Caribbean - I'd really like to enjoy Frankfurt as well, after all it's my home airport ;)

(Additionally it has to be said that I use an addon scenery for Frankfurt, but the situation before was the same as it is now, so this fact doesn't change anything).

Well, if anyone can help me with this problem, it'd be great! :)

Next, I heard about some possibilitys to increase performance and get higher FPS, for example by using DX10 flight plans, but I don't know how anything about this - maybe I'm just a little bit blind :D However, it'd be nice if anyone could explain it too me and give me some more opportunitys to get a higher FPS.

Thanks in advance!


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The advantage from using DX10 aircraft only is gone since some years, because all aircraft now use the optimized FSX code.

My advice for you is simple - reduce the AI traffic density slider. Most users I know use values between 15% and 30%. All above 50% is for spotters only who love to watch eternal queues of aircraft with many exotic birds among them.

AT AI startup there are many aircraft flying, but you do not see them, because FSX does not initiate any aircraft in the pattern or in the landing phase, aircraft that could be in there are either initated as parked or just start their descend - that is why it takes about 25 minutes until you have a balance between departures and arrivals.

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Well, now when I tried 15-20 % it worked, great! Dont know why I didn't try it before, just once set it down to 25% but it didn't have any effect so I kinda gave up. Even better that I - well lets say you - fixed it now, thanks a lot!

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