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Will My Traffic 5.4b run on my pc?

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I have been looking at the various traffic AI programs available for FSX and I would like to purchase My Traffic 5.4b, however as my system is not a high end system I am a bit concered at what Frame rates I will get and wondered if anyone can tell me if my system can run this program.


My system is as follows


E5500 dual core 2.8ghz processor

Windows Vista 32bit

4Gb Ram

Ati Radeon 4870 HD 512mb


I get good frame rates with the following settings


Global texure resoultion  Very high

Scenery LOD Large                                       Detailed clouds                                             Airline traffic density 30%

Mesh complexity 90                                        cloud coverage denisty  high                        GA density  30%

Mesh Resolution 10m                                     cloud draw distance 60miles                         Airport vehicle Minimum

Texture Resolution 7cm                                                                                                       All land and sea 25%

Water Effects mid 2x

Scenery complexity  Dense

Autogen density dense


Many thanks






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All depends a) wehre you fly and b) the AI traffic density settings. MyTraffic with 10% density should show more AI traffic than stock and have better frame rates than stock, but do not expect on that hardware that you can fill every gate at JFK and still have good frame rates-

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Thank you for your reply Burkhard


Are there any performance differences between My Traffix lite and 5.4b professional when it come to framerates?. I am quite happy to run at low settings and just have real airlines and am tempted to go for the professional version.

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If you see the same number of planes you have the same frame rate. The full version has a much bigger variety, which may mean thjat you have mor GA and small commuters on small nearby fields and therefore can only have less airliners on a larger airport - until you reduce the GA traffic slider as example...

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Please also note that the professional version allows you to select between low- and high resolution AI textures, and also to activate or deactivate jetway contact points on AI airplanes. Especially the latter can be an extreme FPS killer if you have your airliner traffic slider high and you start at a huge international airport. A huge chunk of CPU power will be dedicated to processing jetway dockings on airplanes and baggage loading.

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