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X-Plane Flight Plan problem


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Hi Volker,


I regularly use FSC to create X-Plane flight plans and have noticed a slight problem which, when the flight plan is imported in the XP FMS, can lead to the FMS not recognising VORs and some NDBs.

Here is an example output from FSC:


3 version
1 EGLL 0 51.477500 -0.461389
11 D4LON 0 51.485110 -0.573667
11 D7LON 0 51.510150 -0.650417
2 BUR 0 51.519010 -0.677469
11 LON10 0 51.583750 -0.685203
11 LON14 0 51.671620 -0.695306
11 WOBUN 0 52.019440 -0.733333
11 WELIN 0 52.247220 -0.852222
11 AKUPA 0 52.486670 -1.091111
11 TIMPO 0 52.558890 -1.163889
11 ELVOS 0 52.700280 -1.306944
11 TNT 0 53.053950 -1.669969
11 RODOL 0 53.238060 -1.861944
11 [LBA] 0 53.864990 -1.652889
11 [iLBF7] 0 53.974590 -1.765306
11 [LBF51] 0 53.933800 -1.766531
1 EGNM 0 53.865830 -1.660556
The 2 lines highlighted are incorrect.
TNT is a VOR so should read:
LBA is an NDB and should read:
The BUR NDB near the beginning has been correctly listed so I'm not sure what's going on there.
Anyway, these are the standard codes for X-Plane FMS files:

1 - Airport

2 - NDB

3 - VOR

11 - Fix

28 - Lat/Lon

Would it be possible to address this in an update?
Many thanks
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Hi Volker, that may be so but for an X-Plane flight plan to work they need to be set as a VOR and NDB respectively, otherwise the XP FMS will just not accept them. Please try for your self if you have XP10, otherwise please take my word for it as a user that every time I export a flight plan from FSC, I need to correct it manually before loading it into the FMS to avoid big holes in my route! :-) I would really appreciate you modifying this.

I hope also that sometime in the future it will be possible for FSC to use X-Plane database (like Plan-G) so a copy of FSX is not required.

Thanks again for your continued support of FS Commander, for me it's an indispensable utility!


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Hi Dave,

I understand the problem very well.

Maybe there is a problem of communication. This is surely because, English is not my native language.

In order to better explain the problem, please send me both flight plans in which the problem occurs.

!!! The original FSC flight plan and the X-plane flight plan.!!!



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After some investigation I think I see what's going on.


My copy of FSC is currently using FSX as the current nav database source.

The VORs and NDBs quoted are also intersections but these do not appear in X-Plane, only as VOR and NDBs so XP does not recognise them as intersections.

These 3-letter intersections (normally an intersection has 5-letters) do not appear either in the currently available 3rd party nav data (NavDataPro or Navigraph).


There are 3 ways around this:


1. Add X-Plane as a nav database option to FS Commander like one can do now for FS2004, FSX and P3D. (the ideal solution for XP users as FSX would not be required)

2. Add an override option to FS Commander so that when it finds a waypoint in a flight plan such as TNT (which is both a VOR and an Intersection), that it will choose to add it as a VOR/NDB as a priority instead.

3. Carry on as we are having to manually edit exported XP flight plans.


Hope that is clear! :smile:


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Hallo Dave,


Too bad, I would have welcomed it if you had published the two flight plans.


My copy of FSC is currently using FSX as the current nav database source


This text surprised me very much. Where did you get the a data base of the FSX?
The Database Manager does not read navigation information, such as

VOR, NDB, Intersections, fixes, and airways of the FSC.

I am very interested in your answer.






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Hi Volker, I have attached the files for you.


When I say FSX is the nav db source perhaps I was not being clear - sorry.

I meant just that my FSC "points" to FSX and builds it database from it.


Strangely enough the fixes show in FSX but not X-Plane!





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Hi Dave,


the data (see below)in the FSCommander flight plan look like as I expected.

Since these data were the basis for the conversion of X-Plane, a different result can not be expected.


You can not use navigational data from the FSX for the FlightSimCommander.

The datasource of the FSX are about 6 years old.

The FlightSim Commander uses real data from the AIRAC cycle.


The Data (see below) of the original flight plan of the FSC you can see that the Navaids TNT and LBA 

are fixes from the Point of View by X-Plane.


In other words, the conversion of the flight plan into the X-Plane format was flawless.


Please also read the manual Chapter 2, Database Manager. There you will find a very important text:

... Note that FlightSim Commander uses data ...





WP=13,Fix,[LBA],[LEEDS BRAD],53.86499,-1.65289,402.50,11.1216,-2.736,4,0,0,+4000,0,0,0

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