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Help with AI Helo's - from the expert :-)

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Hello Holger,


I have read in many forums that you are the AI helo guru :razz:


I am just now setting up AI helo's in my FS9 system and my problem is:


I can get the things up in the air, but most of the time they crash happlessly back to earth when trying to land.  I have used the modified configs and *.AIR files that are available from hovercontrol on the models I am trying with (RCAF cormorant & RAN Seaking) and have been successful for the most part in getting them to taxi, take off and fly. Landing is the issue.


For the most part I fly VFR flightplans, that being said I did try an IFR plan and the Cormorant landed successfully at the airport, but after taking nearly 25 minutes to fly the ILS...... :cry:


My understanding is that the sim sees them as airplanes and if this is the case, how come they do not land like airplanes - along a runway?


I would grateful for any suggestions in tweaks but am reluctant to change *.AIR files without a lot of input as I don't really understand what they do or consist of....... :oops:


Where possible I make overlay heliports at the aerodromes I am using with short taxiways and runways, but otherwise follow all the airfield rules. I am using ADE for my airfield design.





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