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Settings to enable Pan in FSX

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Does anyone know the cfg setting to allow the hat switch to pan in FSX. With FS 2004 I would change the cfg setting Pan_in_ cockpit_mode=1 and this would work, but it won't work in FSX.


Ant help would be appreciated.


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Setting the joystick to view pan , only pans in 90* increments. In FS2004 it is a true slow pan in any direction. This is why I thought a cfg setting would work as In fs2004


Assigning the hat to Pan View in FSUIPC's Axis Assignments certainly does NOT use 90 degree increments. It is the same as the Virtual Cockpit pan in FSX, smoothly changing the view.


In a 2D cockpit there is no panning, but the are 8 selectable views, 45 degrees apart, not 90.



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The "pan-view" movement in FSX is defined in "camera.cfg" and can be overriden by custom camera defintion in "aircraft.cfg".

Change the PanPbhAdjust=Ordinal to PanPbhAdjust=Swivel

from the FSX SDK documentation :

• None – Commands are ignored (position remains fixed).
• Ordinal – Camera moves to the next ordinal compass position in the direction of the command (similar to the standard “snap” 2D cockpit view in Flight Simulator 2004).
• Swivel – Camera moves incrementally in the direction of the command (similar to panning virtual cockpit and spot plane views in Flight Simulator 2004).
• Orthogonal – Camera rotates in the direction of the command (used in top-down view).



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