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Path and Load Problem

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I have FSX, FSUIPC4, FSC9.3 8 Jul 2013 with FSCDb Mgr 9.3 26 Jun 2013, got it from FSC, and I have Win 7 64.


I feel like Ned in the First Reader to have to ask about this, but I am just about ready to give up.  I have been using FSC since FSC5 and have always gotten it to work fine - it may have taken me a while, but I have gotten it.  To make matters worse I had it working fine before I recently did a major up grade to my PC and changed the BIOS.  Although we had cloned the hard drives I had a number of programs that have taken some tweaking.  Anyway, I got FSC working again and thought I was home free.  I only use it to make new flightplans and then save them to my FSX files folder.  Well, the other day I made a new flight and saved it to my FSX files and flew my PMDG 737ngx fine.  Yesterday, I went to open another flight plan in FSC and could not open it.  I'll try and explain what happens:


     I open with the FSC-FSX icon but cannot establish the path to my FSX files folder where my flightplans are stored.  I have a Samsung 500 GB SSD partitioned into a C and S drive.  My FSX.exe is installed in C: \program files x86\MS games\ms flight sim x.  I have installed FSC to S:\fsc9.  In fsc windows options display I have choose data for FSX, checked Focas back to FS and unchecked direct connection with FS.  I never fly networked and never use FSC for anything other than making flight plans.  I have initially run the navigraph update, the Db Manager and registered.


    When I open FSC, and open the Save/load flight plan window,  I have FS Commander, radar contact, PMDG and Flight Sim X checked.  I have FSX flight plans set to S:\documents\ FSX files, where it has always been.  I double click it in the left window and it opens to FS Cmdr S:\FSC9\flight plan\FSC no matter what I select and that looks like around 10 flight plans, etc., I have not made those myself.  I have opened up the help program on another monitor and gone thru it step by step to no avail.  I just finished reinstalling FSC after reading every read file and following the help guide step by step.  Obviously, I am missing something.  I have gotten a window a couple of times which said, "  msg #2:  FS not runng or cannot link to FSUIPC or Wide Client.  I don't require Wide Client and I think FSUIP$ is chugging away fine.  I hope someone can point me in the right direction.  The wife is calling me now to take her to some Sand Castle show.  Thanks, Mike







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Hello Volker,


I have read the above, and as far as I can tell, I am in compliance.  I only use FSC9 for flightplanning, use it with no direct connection to FSX.  I only use FSX also.  When I open FSC9 with a selected airport and then go to the menu bar and select to Open a flight plan, I get the regular path and load window.  I just cannot open my FlightSimX files to get to my FSX saved flight plans.  I can open the FSC9 flightplans.  I can even drag a FSX filed flight plan into the FSC9 flight plans and then open FSC9 and load it.  From searching thru the forums, I did see in my fsc.ini file that I had only the FPPATH10 with a path.  9 was only =, so I put the path in manually and saved it. I'm adding the ini file here so you can see it if you need to.  There is no hurry to answer me, as I am not now doing any flight planning or changing.  Appreciate the help, Mike

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Hi Volker,


I'm not totally sure what you mean in your latest reply.  This getting old is hell.  I went to My Computer, went to the S: drive, opened Documents\ FlightSimulatorX files and opened a new folder in with all the saved flightplans and named it Test.bin.  Opened FSC9 with no luck.  I have mostly FSX and FSX add on files in my C drive.  I put everything else, like financial, trip planning files, etc on the S drive to keep it out of FSX.  FSC9 is installed in a folder on this S drive.  I have always entered my flight plans into a FlightSimX files folder in the S drive, but not in the FSC9 folder.  Now, after I upgraded this PC and partitioned the SSD hardrive into the C and S drives, the old set up is not working.  I get the impression from your above comments, that you would put the FSX files folder somewhere else other than where I have it.  Do you want them in the User folder which is in the FSC9 folder or where?  Please stick with me just a little more, and I'm sure I will get this.  Take care, Mike

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