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Hi. how do I create a random route with FS Commander? I have already tried to generate a route using high altitude airways, but it doesn't insert longitude/latitude waypoints as it should. I found this on the vatsim forums, but I'm not sure how to do it. i want to make a flight plan from Sydney (YSSY) to Dallas (KDFW).


Sector Length: 60

Sector Width: 50



Of course you can fly outside the NAT-area! This is called "random route". Make a search for this here or in Google. I recently posted a link to the North Atlantic Manual in this forum, where you can find the rules, e.g. how you have to define these random route waypoints.

Basically the rule is: if you fly west to east (or vice versa) north of 70°N, you need to create waypoints every 20° in 20° LONGITUDE. Otherwise you will need to create waypoints every 10° in 10° LONGITUDE. If you fly north to south (or vice versa) you need to create waypoints every 5° in 5° LATITUDE.

That's the routing that I have figured out: BERGI UL602 SUPUR UP1 ROLUM UP13 ASKAM UL7 LIRKI 7010N 7730N 8050N ROGSO M453 ADREW 65N46 60N50 55N51 50N53 45N54 40N55 35N56 30N57 ZIGIE.MAGGI3

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Hi Hailey,


there is no function "Random Routing" in the FlightSim Commander.
Sector Width and Sector Length has nothing to do with random routing.

Please read the manual, Chapter Flight, page 122-124.

Alternative solution


The following route was created as follows:

Set the Button VOR, NDB, INT in the button bar to OFF.

Set the FIX button in the button bar to ON.

Click on the button Navaid Plan.


YSSY 32S54 30S57 28S60 26S63 24S66 22S68 20S70 18S72 16S74 14S76 12S78 10S80 08W77 06W74 04W71 02W68 00N65 01N62 02N59 03N56 04N53 05N50 06N47 07N44 08N41 09N38 10N35 11N33 12N31 13N29 14N27 15N25 16N23 17N21 18N19 19N17 20N15 21N13 22N11 23N09 24N07 25N05 26N04 27N03 28N02 29N00 3099N KDFW


The following route was created as follows:

Set the Button VOR, NDB, INT in the button bar to ON.

Click on the button High Alt Plan.




Both routes are created with the Navigraph cycle 1307.




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Hi Volker,


Thanks for your reply. I have read the manual, numerous times in fact. I was hoping to generate a more "realistic route", but apparently it's not possible to do that with your program. I hope you take this into consideration in future program updates as this would benefit long haul pilots greatly.


See: http://flightaware.com/live/flight/QFA7 or http://flightaware.com/live/flight/DAL200/history/20130821/2310Z/KATL/FAOR



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Hi there,


I'm sorry having to dig this thread up but this is the only subject I could find about my question concerning flight plan creation in FSC.

I am a fairly new FSC customer but I know the convention differences between Flightaware and FSC very well (other programs usually share this same difference) and this is not a problem at all.


Translating 0600N 00500W is quite easily done like 0605N but my question is wether there is a possibility the have 0630N 00500W translated into a format recognised by FSC.


If that's not possible it's not a big deal, but just would like to know for sure.


Thanks in advance for any information about this.


Thibault Dosunmu

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