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I have lost MyTrafficX after creating new CFG file


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I have been having some performance issues after a MOBO & CPU upgrade which casued me to have to reload Win7 & FSX from scratch and then all my addons.  I got MyTrafficX loaded and updated to 54b.  At the time I had some of the ORBX areas loaded for the Northwest US and Alaska, and MyTraffic was working with aircraft on most all airport ramps and flying with me everywhere.   Lately (maybe the last month) I lost MyTraffic on the ramps and sky.  What has changed is that I had to recreate my FSX CFG file and before that I had installed UTX in Canada, US, Alaska back in also.  And when FTX Global came out I installed that.   Then today I remembered I have those 2 manual steps to do to get MyTraffic in the new CFG and FSX scenery library. 


Before I thought of these steps required, I used the Communicator to run the update for ATC sounds, and yesterday ran Rebuild Aircraft, scenery & schedules.  Now that I am finshed with the CFG and Scenery Library the MyTraffic entry is right on top of the list as priority #1 and I have traffic on the ramp at KSEA (test airport).  Prior to all this stuff the MyTraffic scenery line had been down below all the FTX and UTX scenery.


My question is what should the priority of MyTraffic be to operate properly with all the addon scenery I have and not create problems with them as well?   Are there any other steps you feel I should take considering what has gone on the last few weeks with my install?


Thank you for your help,


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Thank you for that; got it fixed.


Another question if I could;  I tried to download patch to 5.4b through the communicator and got an error.  As the numbers clicked off in the little window it stopped at 2871470 and an error window came up and told me "Windows can't find 'Patches54.bat'; make sure you typed it right (or something to that effect).


Is this a problem or a known issue?   I saw the patch 5.4c available on this site for download.



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