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MTX 5.4C and Network?

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I've just installed 5.4c, and found that Plan G on a local network will no longer function.


I simply want to ask if there is any known connection between how MTX connects to FSX, and the FSUIPC connection Plan G uses to connect through the network.


I am NOT blaming MTX for some fault here, just trying to clarify, in order to solve the problem.


Thanks, Jim H.

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The only situation where traffic might cause a problem is if you have far too much of it displaying in the sim, try reducing the traffic sliders in FSX to a lower level and see if that helps at all, if it doesn't even with the sliders at less than 20% then its not the traffic causing the problem. As long as you are able to maintain 24FPS or more at all times its not going to be a traffic issue.

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Thanks for the reply.  Is there a quick way to disable MTX?  If I commented out the fsx.cfg entry would that disable MTX, so I could check if something else has happened coincidentally?


Thanks, Jim

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Thanks.  Disabled MTX, Plan G, over the network works as usual.


Enabled MTX, FSX sliders to 5%, Plan G freezes.


Sliders 1%  ditto


Sliders 0%,  PlanG ok.


Although there is some connection between MTX, and PlanG (at least over my network), I've found that FS Commander, over the same network, cares not a fig whether MTX is disabled, or with sliders set to 20%, MTX is working fully.


I think this enquiry should move to Plan G, rather than looking at MTX.  For interest only then, I'm copying the event viewer message from my other computer.


Thanks for your help, Andy.


Edit:  After typing this message, I tried V3 of Plan G (I was using V2.05, as I preferred it's map).  Plan G V3 seems to like MTX, so my problem is solved!


Cheers, Jim

































C:\TA Software\Plan-G v2\PlanG.exe







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