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The Benefit of purchasing MyTraffic Professional 5.4C ...


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...if you are a customer of the Aerosoft DVD Editon 2010 and 2013?


I bought both DVD Editions directly at Aerosoft. The latter purpose was to use the Models while Online Flying. Now that I have switched to more Offline flying, I am interested in the full usage of myTraffic, installing some new airplanes, liveries, airlines and schedules, maybe updating some airports myself. In one word, I am interested in a total management of the database from an empty one ( and I mean empty!) to a filled one. My first interests are not to have a crowded sky and airports, but to understand the build-up of this step-by-step. Even the internal structure of the database can be of interest, for instance to write an own program in VisualBasic to import/export data if these tasks are not done by the Editor. As i am retired, time is no factor ;)


The last week I got more deep into the usage of myTraffic 2013 v1.1, that one with the 2012 schedules, and found that this Aerosoft Edition seems to be shortened by the tools which are needed to execute my tasks. Since it should be the same as Professional 5.4a, no Communicator comes with it, Editor says v5.3b and the Patches54a.exe is missing though it is refered to in the documentation, which means no 2010 Schedules and more.


Because Aerosoft Support is simply not existing, you even cannot register the product in the support database, a purchase of the Professional 5.4C now comes more into consideration.


Since there is no Cross Update possible, the decision to buy is not easy.


So my question is: what are the benefits? can I perform my tasks?




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Well, I did not build a crossgrade from Aerosoft to Simmarket yet für Version 5.4c, and there is a complication with their sales system already, so I suggest you just purchase the crossgrade from Simmarket and then send me a PM, I can give you the download link for the full 5.4c installer that would make your life easy.

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