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Aerosoft Airbus X Throttle Reverse + FSUIPC Resolved


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I managed to make the Airbus X throttle reverse using FSUIPC.  All the axis have been removed from the FSX Controls and are set using FSUIPC.  This can be set as a single axis throttle or multiple throttle's, your choice.


  • Once in the FSUIPC UI press Rescan and move your throttle axis, you should see the IN/OUT values change from -16384 to 16384.  As I have 2 types of Airbus Addons I have selected "Profile Specific" and named it Aerosoft Airbus A32X.
  • Remember to set "Type of action required" to "Send direct to FSUIPC calibration" selecting "Throttle" as your action.  For multiple throttles you will select Throttle_1 etc.
  • Next I have set the range number for this action as #1 and placed a check-mark in the UP/Down boxes and pressed the From/To buttons at each end of the axis accordingly.
  • For "Control sent when range entered" I placed a check-mark and selected "Axis Throttle Set" and placed the corresponding "Parameter" #65675 below it. Okay that part is done, now for the reversers.



  • Next I set the second range number for the reversers by pressing the up arrow where the number 1 that was set above has now changed to a #2 and I placed a check-mark beside the Down box.
  • Again pressing the From/To buttons starting at the lower end of the axis pressing "From"  ending partway up and pressing "To."  You will only have to change the value slightly as you can see from the image below, your choice.
  • Next for "Control sent when range entered" I placed a check-mark and selected "Throttle Decr" and placed the corresponding "Parameter" 65602, placed a check-mark in :Control to repeat whilst in range" and then a third check-mark and "Control sent when range entered" with the command "Throttle Cut" with the "Parameter" 65604.




Now you can simply press OK and return to the sim to see that you now have a reverser on your Aerosoft Airbus X or you may select the "Joystick Calibration Tab" and place a check-mark beside "Profile Specific" which will use the title you gave it on the Axis Assignment tab.  I am looking into how to make the assignments for all the Aerosoft Airbus models without having to access the FSUIPC UI each time you change to another Aerosoft Airbus.  It will be handy if one flies both the Aerosoft and Blackbox addons.

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