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Just picked up FAJS from NMG Trading. They have a patch to change it to FAOR, but they also say that the AI Traffic won't show because it doesn't use the FAOR ICAO. How would I change the AI Traffic to park at FAOR instead of FAJS?



Your AI Traffic will no longer be visible at FAOR. The reason for that is becuase the AI Traffic package uses the oldf ICAO code of FAJS to route flight to. You will need to conatct the provider of your AI package for a solution.

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Pratically it is impossible to change the ICAO in FSX, since the old airport will continue to exist at the same location - doing so will lead to so many problems including crashes that we should avoid it at all means. You can try to add an empty dummy Airport with the old ICAO anf header there, then import your airports to the editor, and go through all the steps explained in the editor manual, but it may be quite some days of work until it is what you want... 


I once fought this in Newquay in the UK and to find a solution that really works was a long way, and I never understood why it worked.

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I've created the dummy FAJS and the new FAOR. I have not modified the stock FAJS/FAOR so I may take a look at the existing BR2 version of FAJS to see what has bee added/changed. I also added FAOR and removed FAJS from the editor after dumping airports.  I then ran the create schedules files and traffic, which took quite some time.  I then googled airlines based in South Africa and used the list to bring up the MTX planes using the editor and manage airlines so as to change the FAJS hub to FAOR, where appropriate.  I then ran create all files and traffic.  I tested the airport and planes seem to be landing and taking off.  The main issue is lack of parking at the stock airport.  Stock airport FAF also seems a bit high, which caused some difficulty for some models. This can be tweaked as well.

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