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Any Free FSUIPC fully operational?

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Hate to come here sounding like a bumb.But the economy is so bad in my state and worse in my city,and at my age of 60,along with caring for my 80 year old dad,jobs are more rare than hen's teeth. I cant afford much beyond paying bills.Dont even have a single credit card. My best form of relaxation and entertainment is my FS9 (FS 2004) . The FSUIPC I have with it is ver ... My question is,is there a free,fully functioning version of FSUIPC available,since there are so many newer versions on the market? I dont need a whole lot f bells and whistles.Just something to make my radars and such work. Thanks.Signed,humiliated to have to ask for a freebie... :oops:

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There is one version of FSUIPC on the market, not numerous. It's currently up to version 3.999z8 and is available, as are all versions, here: http://forum.simflight.com/topic/66139-updated-modules/


As for the rest of your question, I'm not sure you understand what FSUIPC is and does. At its heart, it is a method of allowing external programs (e.g. radars, moving maps, flight planners) to talk to FS internal functions. The core base functionality does NOT require registration. It's free to download and install from the link above. It will ask you to enter a registration number after install, just cancel it if you don't have a registration key.


What you get by registering is "all the bells and whistles" - the ability to change settings within FS, set up controls in ways that FS won't allow, run LUA code and much more... You don't need that, though, if all you want to do is use it to interface between, say, a radar on an aircraft panel and FSX.


By the sound of it, all you want and need is the free functionality. Download and install FSUIPC 3.999z8 and see if it does what you need without registering - I suspect it will.




Ian P.

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