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I have just installed AXE and am confused. I have read several topics to determine if FSC flightplans can be directly loaded into AXE or must they be converted.


I have no aswers and I cannot get the process to work.


Any help will be appreciated.


Thank you




FSC: 9.3.HF_1   Sept. 13
Fully registered

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They can:


- Create your flightplan in FSC.

- Choose Save As

- Tick the box that says "Airbus X EXT (AXE)"

- Under the Paths tab, make sure the path is C:\Users\YOURCOMPUTERNAME\Documents\Aerosoft\AirbusExtended\FlightPlans

- The file name must be in a specific format of [Departure_Airport_Code][Arrival_Airport_Code][Two_Digits].  For instance, a flight from Boston to La Guardia would be KBOSKLGA01 - the last two digits don't really matter, you can use 85 or 99 or whatever you prefer.

- Open the AXE MCDU.

- Enter the flight plan name, e.g. KBOSKLGA01, in the LSK1 ("CO RTE") field, then hit LSK1


I have found it takes several seconds for the MCDU to load the plan - everything seems frozen.  But it should load, and you'll find the legs on the F-PLN page

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Hi flibinite,

thank you, better I could not have explained.


Hi Michael,

this information you can read also in the following documentation.

FlightSim Commander Update 9.3 Supplement to the Manual 9.0 Supplément au manuel 9.0 Nachtrag zum Handbuch 9.0.pdf

This document is part of the upgrade.


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In addition what flibinite explained very well:

You simply enter on INIT page 1 your dep and arr airport: KBOS/KLGA (to stay with the exsample above), this will lead you automatically to the page with stored plans and iIf a plan with such airports is found, you simply choose it or click on "Return" and enter the plan manually.

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