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Changes in STB V3.2 SP1/SP1B

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Here are the changes in the upcoming service pack, including the UT2 V2.10 support:


Changes since V3.2:
- Optionally dispose of the SimConnect Interface on Disconnect.  This may help void SimConnect crashes when FSX connection ends.
- Global settings to enable STB to set flaps on AI aircraft departures where the aircraft is not already represented in STB settings;
- Airport Logos.  In addition to the incumbent airline logos, airport logos are now included for many of the worlds most visited airports.
- Updates for Airline Logos and Airline configuration data for Ultimate Traffic 2 Summer/Fall 2013 and MyTrafficX Pro V5.4C
- Enable "Select All Airports" when the total AI count is below the airport movement threshold defined in STB Settings.
- Fix bug for Simulator traffic slider  is set to 0% and then 100% after selecting all airports, where the list of all AI is not shown;
- Fix bug to see "All Airports", it was first necessary to select some other airport;
- Fix camera bug, invalid values of HotKeySelect in cameras.cfg caused STB exception.
- AI Formation Setup Support;
- Bug fix, some warning dialogues did not contain any text;
- UT2 V2.10 Support, database access now requires a password;
- Latest MakeRwys.exe courtesy of Pete Dowson;
- AI Camera Error Dialogues now have a "Do not show again checkbox".  

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