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want only static traffic


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Hi there,


i know it´s a rather strange wish i have, since many other users tried to get rid of static traffic so badly.


Thing is, since heavy addons like REX, FTX Global (Orbx), PMDG777 came out, even the toughest machine has it´s limitations. that´s why i want the aircraft to be only at the gates, but not actually flying.

Is there a way to achieve this without editing all airports seperately?



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Not exactly possible, every aircraft has to be scheduled to fly. But what you can do, is the following, using MyTraffic Editor:


Under Info -> Set Init File set the Delay [minutes] to a resaonable large time, 300 minutes to begin with. This means that an aircraft that lands will wait für 350 minutes before it departs again - so increase the fraction of parking over flying aircraft.

Then under Info->maintenenance delete all flights that come with MyTraffic, now run a "autoschedule Myplanes"  and then "Create all files and traffic", and it should be near where you want it to be...

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thanks Burkhard,

tried it out, but the problem is, that the maximum number of delay minutes is 9. Even tried out to set it in the .ini file itself, but that didn´t work as well.

how can i delay the departures by any other method?


another question:

can you set the maximum number of aircraft at each airport?


thanks again


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  1. You can easily set it to 300, up to 999 - just as default you see blank blank 5, if you enter blank blank 999 it will be seen as 9, remove the blanks and you can set it.

You can modify the capacity, which is the number of scheduled departures, either by changing the "scalar" from 0.7 to 0.3 as example, or be reducing the number of gates or runways by hand.

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