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Vatsim controlled airspace fix


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I was very disappointed when logging into Vatsim with FSC and seeing small squares for most CTR controllers. I was even more surprised to find there isn't a fix and more people complaining of this when searched.


I edited my fsc_Vatsim.dat file for Vatsim so it will recognize the controllers that log in without a ICAO name like stated in manual. As a result I no longer see a square and it enables the airspace with outline/hatch that controller is providing ATC for.  Using EGTT for and example and referring to the manual, if any 1 of these four controllers log on, LON_SW, LON_SE, LON_NW, and LON_NE it will enable that EGTT airspace.  I didnt see a need to divide the airspace since if just 1 was logged in he/she will provide you with ATC for the entire EGTT airspace. This is the same way Vatspy and servinfo works. I also edited some of the longitudes and latitudes of airspace's to match these two programs.


I find this very valuable since I'm a 1 monitor simmer and the only programs I need open is FSC and my flight simulator when flying online. If anyone is interested in downloading this file please post here. I tried to upload but couldn't since its larger than 20KB. If Volker sees more people interested he may allow it or even better come up with his own updated/fixed file.





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This is not quite right. EGTT is split into different sectors than those.


See here http://www.vatsim-uk.co.uk/area-sectors/

Thanks for link and interesting read but missing my point. I actually copied/paste that from FSC manual. Regardless....


I was just trying to explain any EGTT CTR controller logged in on Vatsim will enable the airspace on my map in FSC like it does on Vatspy and servinfo, and not see a square.



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