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Installing AIRAC 1313 Dec 2013 - Jan 2014 in FSC

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Please forgive me if this too obviuous but I did not find an answer in the instrucions / forum.

I use FSX and FSCommander 9.3.

I want to install Navigraph FMS data AIRAC 1313 from Dec 2013 - Jan 2014.

My problem is that after I run the AIRAC installer, the startup screen in FSC still shows airac 1303 (old). I have run the installer FSC_1313.exe as admin. And I have pointed the installer to my E:\FSC directory, which is where I have the FSCommander application

Thanks in advance

Alvaro Escorcia

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We will do a test to find out where Navigraph placed the newer files. Which should be where you told it to  ... then it will end up in another folder "\database" normally inside FSC?


Do a search for the places you find this file:



What folders did you find it in?

What is the date on the files in those folders?

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star.fsc shows up in E:\FSC\Database and in the \NAVData-Backup folder loaced in the same place.

Those have dates of 6/26/2013 and 10/1/2013 respectively. Both are 12,478KB in size



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The most recent Cycle_info.txt has date 12/5/2013 and shows up in a few places. (PMDG, level D directories)
For FSC I have 2, one in E:\FSC\Database and one in the \Backup folder.

here is the content:


AIRAC cycle    : 1313
Version        : 1
Valid (from/to): 12/DEC/2013 - 08/JAN/2014

Forum          : http://forum.navigraph.com

Data provided by Navigraph - www.navigraph.com
This data is copyrighted and may not be used, recompiled, interpreted or distributed for any purpose without the written consent of Navigraph. The contents of this database is dated and must not be used for real world navigation as it is unlawful and unsafe to do so.

Parser-Version : DFD v1.0 13.1022 © Richard Stefan
Files parsed on: 05/12/2013


Alvaro Escorcia

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All that is correct.

You do not have to search any more .. you know where the FSC Airac data is located.

I assume PMDG shows correct Navdata cycle?


Where is FSC getting "FSC still shows airac 1303 (old)." from?

Where did you see it ... like on the opening screen for FSC for FSX?


I would upgrade your FSC to ver 9.4. with Hot fix 1 also, run Navigraph again, run fsc database manager.

Then start FSC again.

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I see the airac 1303 (old) in the opening FSC screen.

Question: Should I upgrade FSc to version 4.1? - But I have 9.3..... is 4.1 newer?



I had made a typo .. I had corrected it while you were posting .. read my post again.

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