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Secondary PC : " Sorry this is not a valid FSC flight plan! " (?!)

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Hello Everyone,

Glad to post here, good workers users. ;-)

I had installed FSC 9.4 on a Secondary PC.

On the second PC, FSC 9.4 works fine with WideFS regarding 'GPS' connection with my FSX is on my first PC.

FSX is installed on the PC first, so I can see my Plane in FSC 9.4 display in my second PC.

My Flight Plans are installed in the directory "C:\Documents and setting\Flight Simulator Files" in my first PC.

"Flight Simulator Files" folder is shared fine with my Secondary PC.

However I can not load with FSC 9.4 a Flight Plan (recorded on my first PC) from my secondary PC,

And yet my FSC 9.4 on my 2nd PC sees good titles flight plans in Window   [    Load    ]   >>  'Flight Plan List' ...

I applied to the letter and the way how to create virtual disks as
it is explained in the Doc PDF  >Step 2: "Set the client"

 My FSC 9.4 can see the remote files on the first PC but can't load Files Plans

and I have an error message: " Sorry this is not a valid FSC flight plan! "

Have you an idea of this problem ?


Thanks in advice.

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Hi Volker,


I'm glad for your response, I have carefully read your "please-read". Nice.


At home, here are my answers :


1. FSX or FS2004(FS9)

    FSX Acceleration Version 10.0.61637.0 (FSX-Xpack.20070926-1421)


2. FSUIPC* / WideFS version used

    FSUIPC   File Version:  Version Product : 4.927a


    WideFsClient : Version Version Product : 6.999b  File version :

    WideServerdLL : Version file :   Version Product : 6.995 



3. FS Commander and Database Manager version and build used
    FS Commander 9.4HF1  file version :  Version Product : 9.04

                   * Build : 11 Decembre 2013  



    Database Manager  File Version :  Version Product : 9.04

     ( Build: 15-November-2013 )


4. Aerosoft version or download version from our website

    Aerosoft Version



5. Operating System (Windows 7 32/64, Vista32/64, XP, 2000)


     Windows7 Pro x64 Service Pack 1 >>ALL Updated.


That Chief ...  I do not know what else to say for the moment ;


I tried a lot of things, but nothing worked, Thanks for your great help here, Volker






Otherwise please accept my congratulations, your FSC 9.4 product works great.
 It really is a great beautiful Soft and making a lot of service.

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Hi Pierre-Jean,


You can´t load FS-Flightplans stored inside the folder .\Flight Simulator-Dateien *** into the FSC.


Only Flightplans created inside the FSC can be saved into the folder .\FSC9\Flightplan\FSC


and afterwords loaded from there info the FSC.





***  "C:\Documents and setting\Flight Simulator Files"

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Hi Michael,


I'm very desoled for my later response,

i had some mater at home ;


Many thanks to you.





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