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FSUIPC doesnt recognize some stick buttons

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I have the full version of FSUIPC and try to run in with VRS Superbug on FSX. My stick is a Logitech G940.

If I understood the right procedure, to assign keyboard key (the one in VRS) :

you go in "Button" key and press the joystick button you want to assign.

After you press the keyboard key to link it to the stick button.



Some sticks buttons (many of them ) are not recognized by FSUIPC. When I click nothing happen for some of them. Is it a comon issue?

How I can fix it?

can someone can help please?




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Those butttons won't be recognized as normal DX buttons by FSUIPC if they have control-assignments that were set by Logitech Profiler.


Sorry, I don't have G940, but perhaps this "Tutorial - How to set up Logitech Flight System G940" might helps you to find the right way of setting those button as standard DX buttons so as to be recognized by FSUIPC.



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I was wondering something for my issue.

If a button is already assigned from a previous setup. Does FSUIPC lock the button on joystick or Keyboard key like it doesn't to assign it twice?


Sorry, I don't understand the question. There's no "locking". If you assign a button in FS and in FSUIPC the two assignments will conflict. If you change the assignment in either it wll change. It is quite simple.



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