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GUID and autoassignletters

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If I'm an idiot just tell me. I know you guys can straighten me out in mere moments. I have been reading the fsuipc manual and numerous posts regarding letter assignment and "dynamic adjustment."

1. Windows assigns a guid to a physical(or virtual) joy device

2. Fsuipc picks this entity up and a number is associated with the guid, 0-x

3. Auto assign associates a letter with the device by using the unique guid of that device

4. The lettering/guid scheme stays constant and present in the .ini as a device is unplugged and replugged retaining guid regardless of number assignment that shows back up in the .ini file (is this true?)

5. all letter references in subsequent usage stay intact for that device

This all makes sense. I love it. It's great and wonderful.

I haven't experimented like I need to because am in between functioning cockpit status. My confusion is simply that I also understand that when a device "X" is unplugged and reconnected to a DIFFERENT physical port on a hub or machine, the guid can or will change for joy device "X".

So if you have a guid that changes, doesn't that then destroy the guid link from number to letter association in fsuipc.ini? I am missing something here about windows or fsuipc behavior.

Thanks, Dave

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I use the auto assign letters option having once been 'bitten' by Windows reassigning the device numbers.


My understanding and observations is that the GUID will NOT change for a given device even though

it is reconnected to a different port. What WILL change if the number that gets assigned.


With the auto assign letters option, the Joy(number) is replaced by Joy(letter) for a given GUID. Since

the GUID will never change, the assignment mappings will remain fixed.



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Thanks Paul, that answers my question and makes total sense. I was stuck on the premise that the guid would change sometimes which sounded like it would spoil my little fsuipc party. I have made sure to label and keep all usb plugs going to the exact same plugs on my hubs. I am collecting a bunch these days building my NG cockpit. I do know that on my SIOC devices they will change up on different ports so this is much nicer. Maybe they can start using guid entries someday...

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