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Help with My Traffic X and scenery/GSX conflicts


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Hi all.


I have My Traffic 2013 build 54c. I purchased this and installed it today. This is on a new PC built for FSX, so it does not have any previous file versions etc on it.


I also have GSX [Ground Services X] installed. I also have some airport scenery from NMG Trading installed (South Africa). Their scenery has some incompatibilities with My Traffic X and their advice was to delete certain BGL files such as BR2_FAJS.bgl (or move them as I did) from the My Traffic/Scenery Folder in FSX. This fixes the problem BUT creates a new one. It seems GSX looks for those same files when starting and gives a message (error) that it cant start as it can't find the file.


I realize this is not a My Traffic issue as such but is there a workaround so that I can have my NMG airports, My Traffic X and GSX working in harmony? How does GSX know that it should be looking for the My Traffic version of the bgl. Can it not be redirected to find the NMG Trading version of the bgl instead?


I should note that this did all work with an older Just Flight version of Traffic X (don\t know if the two are related in anyway).


Thanks in advance!

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I do not know how GSX can know of these airports. They must write them to some data file. Is there a way to tell GSX to make a new collection of all files?


The advice to delete the files is somehow dubious. My recommendation is to put MyTraffic in the scenery libray between addon scenery and propellor objects, and to keep all the files. This helps in any case that the addon airport is compatible to FSX ( and the 2004 Charts used for FSX). If it does not help, then the aiport is for FS9 most likely, based on the 2002 Charts.

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Seek support on the GSX forums, there are some files you need to delete if I remember correctly to get GSX to see the different airport layout you are now using. It should do it automatically but sometimes it gets stuck I think. Sorry I don't have any further instructions on how to do it, I wasn't paying much attention when I had to do it last year sometime and I've only had to do it once since GSX was released, so the process didn't sink in to my brain, lol.

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Thanks all,


The problem appeared to resolve itself. I think all that was required was a complete reboot. My bad for not trying that first. When GSX is restarted after a complete shutdown and it detects airport cfg files have been modified, moved or deleted, it rebuilds its scenery cache and this then fixes the issue.

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