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Rebuild MyTraffic aircraft, scenery and schedules - An24MX error

Ray Proudfoot

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Hi Burkhard,


After running the batch file you supplied a few months ago to correct some problems the amount of traffic now visible at airports has reduced substantially. As an example, the Emirates A380 was always visible at EGCC at noon GMT. After the patch it isn't.


I decided to use the option in MyTraffic X Communicator to rebuild the schedules. During that process the following error was displayed:-


An24MX.exe has stopped working...


I chose OK and the rebuild completed without any further warnings.


However, with the spring 2013 schedule the A380 still doesn't show. I have now chosen Autumn 2012 schedule and it now shows.


So, two questions...


1) Why has that An24MX error occurred and what are the implications? ntldll.dll or StackHash errors perhaps? I had one last week near the DIK VOR if you remember and you supplied a replacement texture file which solved the problem.


2) Why is the Emirates A380 not showing at EGCC in Spring 2013 when it did with an earlier schedule? I live near EGCC and can confirm the flight is still current.

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Hi, the consequence of the AN24MX.exe file not installing the aircraft will be that you cannot see any Antonov 24. If a folder has been created, delete it to go sure no bad file is in there, and try to run it manually again, if you want. Maybe the file got bad on your hard disk, or whatever reason didn't run once.


Do not forget tp apply all patches again after this operation. 


I cannot care for every individual flight of the world, I get the data and only can process them and verify they make sense, if I invest 5 minutes into every single flight the release of a package needs more than a year just for this work.

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Hi Burkhard,


I'll do as you suggest regarding the AN24MX folder, thanks.


if I decide to stay with the Autumn 2012 schedule which patches need to be run?


I appreciate you can't control every flight and wasn't asking you to. But I'm surprised that a flight that was active in an earlier schedule is missing in the recent patch.

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The patch does, yes, but if you have no Problem then don't fix....


Deleting the Antonov folder and that B763 one from last week and rebuilding the schedule (Autumn 2012) seems to have fixed my StackHash and ntldll.dll errors with the 5.4c patch installed.


Another flight today from KIAD to KATL with lots of Ai at both airports and no problems. I'll fly EGKK-LIPZ tomorrow and if I get past DIK VOR then I think the crashes have been solved.


More tomorrow.

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Such a crash would be unknown, but we do not know why FSX crashes in a routine that has absolutely nothing to do with AI traffic. Many users observe they make a single change that makes no sense and the problem is gone. I'm afraid there is a combination of exceptions, which all alone work well and are normal behaviour, that under some circumstances crashes...

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