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Hello Pete.....Before I get started, this is entirely self inflicted.....but I don't know what to do. I download to another computer and place it on the network. Sometimes I install from the network drive to the installation drive as I did in this case. You will see that the installer for FSUIPC looks in the \\READYSHARE\USB_storage......etc first, clickink ok resumes the install. This is followed by the popup saying that 3.000z8 is installed into FS9 okay! When I press ok out of this window I am returned to the windows screen, not the registration page like I have gotten on every other installation. Now then, I opened FS9 before I made the log file and FSUIPC is where it is supposed to be, but obviously unregistered. The screen text and log file are attached: I feel sure the problem is that after I have installed FS9 in several locations today trying to get more than one installation working that I have screwed up the registry and with 6 active hard drives, I really don't want to start over again. I might add that FSUIPC works fine in my FSX and my p3d and p3dv2 installations. I did a clean download of the FSUIPC directly to a drive on the main computer, but it still starts off looking in the wrong place. Like I said,, It was working just fine until.........As I am sure you can guess, I removed the FS9 folder and all of the app data. Hopefully you will know exactly what to do....many thanks in advance. Henry


win 7Home, i7 processor

Installer for FSUIPC.txt

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Hey Pete...disregard the lengthy post....in frustration, I checked the registry and then deleted any reference to fsuipc on the network drive and I got the registration screen.....anyway thanks, truly a great product that I can't do without!!!

Regards Henry

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