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Multiplayer with TRACON! 2012 and Tower! 2011 (add-on guide)


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If you wish to connect Tracon! 2012 to Tower! 2011 you need to run the very same add-ons on both computer including Real Traffic (both Tracon and Tower must use the Tracon version of Real Traffic).

Tower! 2011 multiplayer customers will receive a free of charge update to their product (we will announce how to obtain it). Install this patch ONLY if you wish to run Tower! 2011 with Tracon! 2012. There are no functionality upgrades however you will loose all your settings and all add-ons will be required to reinstall! Some airport add-ons will trigger a warning window that can be disregarded. However in order to connect Tower! 2011 multiplayer to Tracon! 2011 these map files needs to be updated too. We will upload them to our download page and they will be accessible free of charge.

Tower! 2011 single player customers will need no patch etc. however we will release a payware upgrade (price TBA) to Tower! 2011 multiplayer. After patching your product to multiplayer the same rule will apply as above (multiplayer users)

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