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FAQ: Embraer E_Jets v.2 Embraer 175 and Embraer 195


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Q. where is the manual?
A. OS 'START' menu : All Programs : feelThere : E-jet

Q. the autopilot is on, but the E-jet isn't following the flightplan.
A. confirm you have set the primary navigation source as FMS on the GP/DCP. if the navigation source is the FMS the indications on the PFD compass rose will be MAGENTA (ie, purple).

Q. the autopilot is on, but the E-jet isn't following the NAV radios.
A. confirm you have set the primary navigation source as the navigation rados by pressing the NAV button on the GP/DCP. if the navigation source is the radios the indications on the PFD compass rose will be GREEN.

Q. the FADEC system isn't controlling thrust during takeoff and climb.
A. the FADEC logic works only when your FS throttle lever are moved FULL FORWARD.

Q. how do i review the flightplan on the MFD?
A. set the MCDU to show the active flightplan by pressing the FPL key. use the MCDU knob to move through the waypoints on the MFD. after reviewing the plan be sure to set the viewed plan to the first/current waypoint or the MFD will remain in 'flightplan preview mode'.

Q. the engines will not start
A. the APU must be ON. the E-jet systems are automatic and the bleed valves will open and close as needed to provide starting pressure to the correct engine. do not adjust the bleed buttons on the overhead panels ... follow the BLACK PANEL procedure and leave all buttons unlit (black).

Q. i can't turn the engine start knobs.
A. open the safety covers with a right-mouse-button click.

Q. the MCDU will not load a saved FS flightplan.
A. the MCDU does not read FS flightplan files. the FS flightplan must be in active FS memory before pressing the FMS LSK to LOAD FS FPL. (see manual page 46)

Q. when approaching KRDU for landing the FMA displays 'BC', not 'APPR1 ONLY' and autopilot does not follow the glideslope.
A. you missed a step on page 75: while approaching Raleigh-Durham International 'Open the MCDU RADIO page. Enter the ILS feq for runway 23R, 111.7, into the SCRATCHPAD and press the LSK 3L to turn radio NAV1.'

Q. when passing the TOD point the E-jet doesn't descend.
A. you must set the guidance panel ALT knob for the lower altitude to 'allow' the FMS to descent.

Q. how do i update the AIRAC database?
A. updates can be purchased from navigraph.com. you may also update the AIRAC using the feelThere common database editor available at www.feelthere.com/2005/downloads.html

Q. when using the HUD for landing the symbolic runway is not aligned with the airport runway.
A. The orientation of the runway indication is dependent on correct ILS course setting, aircraft alignment on the LOC, and the plane's heading. Incorrect settings or aircraft orientation will result in the symbolic runway being miss-aligned with the airport runway. this simulation performance and limition are representative of the real-world E-jet capabilities.

Q. where is the paintkit?
A. the paintkit will be made available shortly. the release will be announced in the support forum and on feelThere's web-site. NOTE: the paintkit will be released 'as is' and without support.

Q. my FS 'frame-rates' aren't so good.
A. use the E-jet Configuration Utility to adjust the panel gauges refresh rates and graphics.

Q. the co-pilot isn't making callouts during takeoff.
A. you must set the v-speeds on the MCDU TAKEOFF page and click the TOGA 'cheat spot' in the guidance panel.

Q. APPR1 ONLY appears on the FMA ... what am i doing wrong?
A. the E-jet is telling you that you have the aircraft configured for a CAT I ILS landing. see details on the autopilot landing modes beginning on manual page 54.

Q. the weather radar isn't working
A. #1 - confirm that the MFD is in MAP MODE. for weather to show in the PFD the compass rose must be in arc mode.

A. #2 - just because there are clouds doesn't mean there will be rain to be shown by the radar simulation. There is no direct way to collect weather information from FS. the gauge makes assumptions based upon the data available.

A. #3 - be sure you have activated the gauge using the Ejet's Configuration Utility

Q. the weather radar only shows a test pattern
A. the gauge requries the FSUIPC utility. the freeware version, payware version not required, can be downloaded at -

be sure to download and install the correct version for your FS.

Q. how do i see the VC cabin?
A. see manual page 11.

Q. 'no flightplan' displays on the MAP! screen even though i programmed the MCDU.
A. MAP! does not read the MCDU flightplan. you need to set a flightplan using the FS flightplanner. Only a departure and arrival airport are requred (see manual page 10).

Q. the local time information is incorrect on the MAP! screen.
A. MAP! uses FS's time engine to display local and Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), also know as Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). FS isn't correct in some situations. See manual page 10 and 11 for solutions.

Q. in FSX the aircraft has black/blank screens, even with battery switches on, and black/non-transparent cockpit windows.
A. confirm you have installed FSX SP2. the aircraft will not function properly without SP2 installed.

Q. how do you adjust the range settings on the MFD?
A. put the mouse pointer in MFD and position until the range number in bracketed by "[]". use the mouse-wheel to increase/decrease displayed range.

Q. what formats are allowed when entering data into the FMS? (ie, waypoints, Latitude/Longitude, Radials, etc.)
A. review manual beginning on page 118.

Q. How do I scroll the status pages?
A. use the mouse scroll wheel.

Q. how do i get the HDG sync, IAS/Mach, ALT SEL feet/meters, and set standard pressure knobs to work?
A. you need to press the middle button on your mouse. most mice allow the scroll wheel to be pressed (in addition be being rolled wink.gif )

Q. how do i view the co-pilot's PFD (PFD 2) in 2D mode?
A. using the FS menu: Views->Intrument Panel-> PFD 2 menu. FYI: doing this will allow you to set the NAV2 course.

Q. weather radar isn't working in VC view.
A. first turn on the radar and let run through the test display before switching to VC.

Q. the buttons on the Glareshield Panel/Guidance Panel have no backlighting.
A. these buttons being illuminated when ON is an option one must order from Embraer. the aircraft feelThere used when creating the simulation did not have 'button lights'. the selected mode(s) are announced on the FMA above the PFD.

Q. the navigation/position, logo, taxi, takeoff lights don't come on.
A. the aicraft must be powered by the APU for the external lights to function. OR ... when stopped, parking brakes ON and the GPU powering the aircraft.

Q. my panel looks like this:

A. you have a faulty or damaged install of FSX's SP1 and/or SP2.

Q. can i use FS's default autopilot for altitude hold as mentioned in the manual on page 8?
A. no, the reference to the FS autopilot being an option on the Preferences tab of the configuration utility is an error. the FS autopilot cannot be used to control the Ejet.


Q: How do I re-download the product?

A. if you did purchase from feelThere you need to contact BMTmicro with purchase information (date, creditcard, email address) -

call 800-414-4268 (USA/Canada) / +1 910-792-9100 (international customers).

once you collect your installer burn it to a disk and write the key-code on the disk (top, not the 'read side').

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