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FAQ: Embraer ERJ 145, 135 and ERJ 145 XR (XRJ) - v.2 only!


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Q. where is the manual?
A. OS 'START' menu : All Programs : feelThere : ERJ

Q. the autopilot is on, but the ERJ isn't following the flightplan.
A. confirm you have set the primary navigation source as FMS on the DCP. if the navigation source is the FMS the indications on the PFD compass rose will be purple.

Q. the autopilot is on, but the ERJ isn't following the NAV radios.
A. confirm you have set the primary navigation source as the navigation rados by pressing the NAV button on the DCP. if the navigation source is the radios the indications on the PFD compass rose will be green.

Q. the aircraft isn't holding airspeed when in level flight or descent (etc.)
A. there is no autothrottle system on the ERJ. you, the pilot, must adjust the thrust setting to maintain airspeed during level flight and descent.

Q. i'm trying to takeoff and i can't get the throttles to move
A. release the throttle lock on the center pedestal.

Q. the FADEC system isn't controlling thrust during takeoff and climb.
A. the FADEC logic works only when your FS throttle lever are moved FULL FORWARD.

Q. how do i review the flightplan on the MFD?
A. Along the bottom of the MFD bezel click the RTN button to display SPDS and JSTK options. Click JSTK button to display the SKP and RCL options. Use the SKP and RCL buttons to move around your route.

Q. i REALLY don't want to manage thrust when at cruise altitude.
A. there is a 'cheat' that will allow FS's autopilot to control the indicated airspeed (IAS) during level flight and only after you are at an estabilished the cruising speed. to activate the cheat use the keyboard shortcut of SHIFT+R. DO NOT USE THIS CHEAT DURING TAKEOFF, CLIMB, DESCENT, APPROACH OR LANDING.

Q. the engines will not start
A. the APU must be on, and the APU bleed button in the open position (illuminated).

Q. i can't turn the engine start knobs.
A. open the safety covers with a right-mouse-button click.

Q. the FMS will not load a saved FS flightplan.
A. the FMS does not read FS flightplan files. the FS flightplan must be in active FS memory before pressing the FMS LSK to LOAD FS FPL.

Q. i don't know the correct v-speeds for landing and takeoff. where are the speedcharts?
A. the simulated ERJ includes an autocalculate feature for the v-speeds. use the bezel buttons below the MFD to set the v-speeds (see also manual pages 20 and 39).

Q. when passing the TOD point the ERJ doesn't descend.
A. the ERJ's FMS cannot control the verticle profile (VNAV) of the plane. all verticle profile information in the flightplan, MFD map and PFD are advisory. you must choose and activate the appriopriate 'vertical' profile using the FLC, SPD and VS buttons/knobs on the FGC.

Q. how do i update the AIRAC database?
A. updates can be purchased from navigraph.com. you may also update the AIRAC using the feelThere common database editor available at www.feelthere.com/2005/downloads.html

Q. where is the paintkit?
A. the paintkit will be made available shortly. the release will be announced in the support forum and on feelThere's web-site. NOTE: the paintkit will be released 'as is' and without support.

Q. my FS 'frame-rates' aren't so good.
A. use the ERJ Configuration Utility to adjust the panel gauges refresh rates and graphics (see also manual pages 7 and :cool:.

Q. the co-pilot isn't making callouts during takeoff
A. you must set the v-speeds in the MFD and click the TOGA 'cheat spot' in the FGC (see also manual pages 15, 20, 39 and 40).

Q. when i turn the knob on the MFD the flightplan map range doesn't change.
A. when the weather radar is functioning map range on the MFD is controlled using the range select buttons on the weather radar control panel (manual pages 58 and 59).

Q. the weather radar isn't working
A. confirm that the MFD is in MAP MODE the weather radar gauge is activated using the ERJ Configuration Utility and FSUIPC is installed (see manual pages 3, 5, 58, and 59).

Q. how do i see the VC cabin?
A. see manual page 5.

Q. why is there no information in the flight info window?
A. the FMS must be programmed with a departure and arrival airports.

Q. why don't i see a world map in the flight info window?
A. the flight info window is similar to, but not the feelThere product MAP!. see the following link for information about the MAP! addon: http://www.feelthere.com/2005/map.html


Q: How do I re-download the product?

A. if you did purchase from feelThere you need to contact BMTmicro with purchase information (date, creditcard, email address) -

call 800-414-4268 (USA/Canada) / +1 910-792-9100 (international customers).

once you collect your installer burn it to a disk and write the key-code on the disk (top, not the 'read side').

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