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Tracon: Schedule Creator TRACON 11 RFN Released


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Schedule Creator TRACON 11 RFN (Real Flight Numbers) is available as a zip archive. Just download and unzip, and you should be able to run the .exe file.


Be sure to "Run as Administrator."


          Schedule Creator TRACON 11 RFN.zip     Released on February 4 2015


Sectors included: Atlanta, Dubai, Frankfurt, Las Vegas, London2 (2 airports), London3 (3 airports), London5 (5 airports), Los Angeles, Miami,

New York, and North California.




Schedule Creator TRACON 11 includes the same airport data used in Schedule Creator 15 RFN. This version also lists a summary of airlines and their number of flights.


To experience Schedule Creator TRACON fully, I recommend that you add/install/modify the airports and airline text files as outlined in the comments for Schedule Creator 15.

http://forum.simflight.com/topic/76191-tower-schedule-creator-15-v3-real-flight-numbers-released-revision/.   The required files are included below.


===== Files for modification steps =========================================================================================================


          Airlines to Add-Disable Tracon 9.txt

          Airports 247 for Tracon 9.txt

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Well, that is a puzzle.  I just downloaded the file to my system, changed the extension to .exe, and ran a test on the NY sector.  It worked just fine and created the the file.  I used the "no path" option and found the default file c:\tracon_schedule.txt on my hard drive.  So, I don't know what advice to give you.  Perhaps download the file again.  There have been no changes made since it was first uploaded.  I assume you have one of your drives defined as C.


I have received no comments from other users.

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Hi Dave,



1 of 2 things to check ...


1. Make sure that you are running/executing the Program .. as an Administrator i.e  right-click on the file and 'Run as Administrator', or set the Compatibility Properties for the Program, and check the .. 'Run this program as an administrator' box.


2. In the absence of a path/folder etc., the file will be written to c:\  (root folder). BTW, .. This caught me as well, .. I was looking for the (tracon_)schedule.txt in the folder I was running the Program in .. :razz: .






Edit: Oops .. suddenly 2 other replies whilst I was writing this .. :???:

Edited by Thomasew
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I have run a couple of tests with my UAC set to maximum protection.  The system will not allow files to be written to the C drive in either "path" or "no path" mode.  However, I could use the "path" mode to write to other drives on my system.  If you have more than one drive on your system, try creating your file on that drive.  I always have my UAC set to "no protection" so I had not noticed this before. If you only have one drive, then you will have to lower your UAC protection to a point where files can be written to your drive.

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Hi Everyone


I am Having Window XP .When I Click Right On The Tracon 6 V1 File I Don't See  Administrator .


Note / I Did down lode the file on my desktop and change it to .exe But still i don't see any Administer word when i click right .


Anybody Can tell me what possibly could be wrong . I am Really so interesting to have the schedule creator


Regards .



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Yes Dick


I did . The Problem i found out the file is downloaded in my documents as Text Document file ( Notepad ) Witch is doesn't show ' Run As ' when you click right . Unlike for example the Tracon editor file , it shows 'Run As ' When i click right and it show as Administer .

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You cannot read .exe files with Notepad.


I am confused about what you are doing.  Right-click after you rename the file to Schedule Creator Tracon 6 v1.exe.  Did you try holding the shift key when you right click?


You can also just double-click the .exe file and see if it runs.

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You are right Dick i cannot read the file with notepad , thanks why i don't no whats going go i did tried the shift button also .


what i did exactly is the following steeps .


1- right click on your attached file ( save as desktop/databases file )

2- After saving i did right click and added .exe also i did ''exe''

3- right click again to found '' run as '' its not there , and i knew it will not be there because the file still saved as text document (notepad) just as the airport and airline file ... and i believe if i am mistaking the file should look like the tracon editor file white with blue in up top

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Let us try again.


1. Download the .txt file from the forum by left-clicking the link.  Save the file on your desktop.

2. Left click on the file to highlight, and change the .txt extension to .exe.

3. For Windows XP, right click on the .exe file and you should see an entry "Run as..."  Click on that and you will see a place for "administrator."


The file may not run on your system unless you have downloaded and installed either Microsoft Visual Studio (purchase) or Visual C++ Express (free).  The last link I had for the free Express is   for Visual C++ 2010 Express.  Should read the comments file at   http://forum.simflight.com/topic/76191-tower-schedule-creator-14-including-newark-kewr/  about error messages you might receive.


I found a friend who still has Windows XP installed and we had trouble running the program.  I suggest you switch to Windows 7 if you can.

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After down loading the zip file, I try to extract it and I get an error message. 


Extracting to "C:\Users\Dad\AppData\Local\Temp\wzeebf\"

Use Path: yes Overlay Files: yes

Warning: skipping "Schedule Creator TRACON 11 RFN.exe". The 32-bit CRC stored in the local header for this file is not the same as the 32-bit CRC stored in the central header


And it won't extract.  The new one for tower 2011 opened just fine.

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To tell the truth, my interest in Tracon is pretty low.  I don't even know what sectors are now available.  Maybe you could send me a list, including the satellite airports involved, and I will see if I have any extra time in the next couple of months.

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On ‎11‎/‎4‎/‎2016 at 8:46 PM, Fipspilot said:
On ‎7‎/‎26‎/‎2016 at 1:35 PM, dickparker said:

To tell the truth, my interest in Tracon is pretty low.  I don't even know what sectors are now available.  Maybe you could send me a list, including the satellite airports involved, and I will see if I have any extra time in the next couple of months.

Hi Dick

 Your schedule creator is awesome and I realize you are not involved in Tracon too much anymore but I have a question.  Is it possible to create a schedule for Honolulu sometime if you find the time?  It would include only PHNL and one satellite PHMK.  I enjoy the sector but it is pretty lite traffic wise.  KSAN is my current favorite and I run your SC which works great.  Thanks!  Chris


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