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Afternoon to all who read,


I'm wanting to purchase this AI Traffic add-on for my flight simulator but I'd like to ask a few questions beforehand. I'd like to know some pro's and con's. I've read so many forums about the different AI add-ons and I'd like to choose this but still like a little more information.


Firstly - does this package have some of the latest models such as the A350, B787 and the B747-8?


Secondly - I've heard things about WOAI being FS9 models and I should use AI traffic add-ons that are FSX Native models as this helps with performance? Can someone extended on this is it's the truth or not?


Thirdly - I'd like to know how up-to-date is this add-on such as routes. schedules, airliners etc. How accurate is everything to the real world?


Fourthly - how easy this to install, is it just an .exe and kind of click and forget tor do you have to continue to add things and change this and that?


Kind regards,



Core i7 3770K OC'd @ 4.2Ghz/ 16GB Corsair Dominator RAM/ EVGA GTX 670 4GB/ 2X 128GB OCZ SSD/ WD 1TB HDD/ 600T White Case/ H100i
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The package contains 748I and F, about 7 787 paints and a prototype A350.


Models made with FSX SP2 SDK require far less CPU ticks then FSX models and FS9 models are the worst. With MyTraffic, the amount of CPU needed to display the models is small, it takes far more, and in some regions to much, to actually track all the aircraft around you.


5.4d as the actual version is based on real world schedules from October 2013 + additional educated guess schedules for those airports or parts of the world which either see little traffic only or  do not provide any data at all.


While Installation on a freshly installed FSX is more or less simple, systems that had already seen other AI addons, including airports that come with AI, a carful cleaning is mandotory, since remaining traces of FS( or FS9 AI addons prohibit FSX to display FSX AI. Once it is workng you can forget it. 

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