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Missing details after updating FSC Database Manager - solved


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Hello all,


it took me some time to understand how to update die Database Manager after having installed new Airports in FSX.

- Finding the correct Scenery.CFG

- Renaming it to SceneryCFG.fsc

- Copying SceneryCFG.fsc into the FSX directory

- Mapping a release of the root directory (!) of my FSX Computer to a drive letter on the client computer where FSC is running.

- Running the Database Manger pointing to the drive letter with the root directory of the FSX computer.


Then I realized that at some of my airports details were still missing: EDDF lacked the new runway 07L/25R and the ILS frequencies differed to the situation in the FSX. In LFLC gates were missing, in EPKK the new terminal. LEBL or my newest airport EFHK were OK. What was going on?


I found the solution in editing the SceneryCFG.fsc file:


Some entries looked like that:



Title=Mega Airport Helsinki




Local=aerosoft\Mega Airport Helsinki


This worked fine!


These did not work:



Title=Mega Airport Frankfurt




Local=C:\FS\FSX\aerosoft\Mega Airport Frankfurt




Local=C:\FS\FSX\Addon Scenery\LFLC - Clermont-Ferrand






The last scenery I installed into a second disc because this beautiful scenery is very big - my SSD is not. Big sceneries or addons for FSX I place onto the second disc. It works fine inside FSX.


But I relized that the FSC Database Manager cannot handle drive letters inside the scenerycfg.fsc, neither C nor D.




1. I edited the scenerydfg.fsc deleting all paths before the FSX Directory ("Local=C:\FS\FSX\aerosoft\Mega Airport xxx" became "Local=aerosoft\Mega Airport xxx").

2. For EPKK I created a Folder in Addon Scenery\EPKK and copied the scenery folder from drive D into it. This folder is mentioned in the scenerycfg.fsc

3. I was again running the FSC database manager

4. I deleted the content of the EPKK Folder. I am aware ot the fact that with the next airport installed I will have to copy it again.


Now everything is perfect!


I hope this could help you reading this, because FlightSim Commander is a great tool - when everything is in place.


Best regards





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