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Tracon: arrivals come in from center at low altitudes


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For example, I've started playing the KJFK the past couple of days. Particularly arrivals coming in from the East are coming in at 2300', and all others are at 5000' and below already when they're handed to me, which can be 50-60nm from the airport. That seems awfully unrealistic to me? Maybe I'm completely wrong? Some of the STAR routes bring them in across the departure runways and since they're at altitudes of 5000' and below you can get a lot of conflict alerts from departing aircraft? So pretty much there's nothing to do with arrivals coming in on their STARs until they get up to the airport and you bring them around to angle them in for the ILS approach? 


I've also had them at altitudes of 5000' and below when they come in from center on KATL. Let me know if I'm doing something wrong or if I'm missing something here. 

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My advice would be to use Notepad ++ for editing (http://notepad-plus-plus.org/)


In this case you must make a bakup of your KJFK.asx file

Then open it with Notepad ++ and look for "star route".


You should see somthing like this: ( this one is taking from my own made EHAM sector)


    <object id="0" name="TOPPA2A" type="star route" lat="52.315399" lon="4.790200" alt="5000.000000" rot="0.000000" len="0.000000" donthide="0" params="EHAM:36L
EHAM:22" knotsnum="0">
        <section name="waypoint_to_waypoint" strlat="53.398022" strlon="3.565222" endlat="52.759289" endlon="3.745359" stralt="0.000000" strlat="53.398022" endalt="0.000000" alt="18000.000000" marker="0"/>
        <section name="waypoint_to_waypoint" strlat="52.759289" strlon="3.745359" endlat="52.571850" endlon="3.778223" stralt="0.000000" strlat="52.759289" endalt="0.000000" alt="15000.000000" marker="0"/>
        <section name="waypoint_to_waypoint" strlat="52.571850" strlon="3.778223" endlat="52.526119" endlon="3.965922" stralt="0.000000" strlat="52.571850" endalt="0.000000" alt="11000.000000" marker="0"/>


Where the text is highlighted red in this post, you can change the altitude at the waypoint.

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Currently, an arriving aircraft appears at the initial waypoint of a STAR at an assigned altitude, then descends to the assigned altitude of the next waypoint.


Is it possible for the aircraft to descend at the first waypoint of the STAR?

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Hi All,


I'm curious to know what altitudes you edited into your STARs. I had a look at some charts on the net and they appear to read the same as the default in game. Surely that cannot be right (I know, don't call me Shirley....).


I really can't imagine getting away with planes coming into JFK levelling off at 2,000 over LGA, sounds like trouble to me but that is what the chart said that I saw. I may keep searching and see if there is anything else.



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I had another look at this. For anyone else wondering, the altitudes shown on the charts are minimums.


Have a look for the crossing altitudes and work backwards from there to the beginning of the STAR.



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