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Tracon 2012 - NY Sector - What's new & what has been fixed?


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I would like to know what bugs have been fixed with the NY sector release.


  IE - Wandering altitudes fixed?

      - Tower frequency exploit fixed?  -  Send a flight the tower frequency multiple times for unlimited points.

      -  Profiles not tracking landings and takeoffs.


Also, what new commands are available?  Can you now issue altitude instructions in one line after saying "Radar Contact"?


Dynamic weather is listed as a feature...will flights ask to be vectored around weather?  Will airports close due to heavy weather in the area?  How will weather affect the sim?


Also, please don't misconstrue these questions as criticisms, this sim is the best around in my opinion.





ps - Any chance of KORD being available for Tracon in the future?   :razz:




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Thanks for the reply, is there a "Known Issues" list somewhere?  I'm mostly playing LAX at this point and would like to avoid reporting items that you already know about.


You mention that what I describe is not a NY issue, are the bugs/issues I mentioned unique to the LAX/LAS/MIA release then?



If you ever need a beta tester I'd be happy to volunteer my time to help out as well.

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