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Warning re Mounted & Shared folder


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Hi Volcker


I have recently bought JetMax737 to add some more reality to my simulating.  At my age (81) you'd think I'd know better.  But putting it all together and overcoming various problems has been fun, and the result is very satisfying.  In the process, my computer builder re-installed the BIOS, Windows and FSX software leaving me to get everything else installed, not least the invaluable FS Commander.  I am using iFly 737 CBE.


FSUIPC is version 4.929

WideFS is version 6.999

FSC is the downloaded version 9.5 and DbManager is the same - installed on my 2nd computer.

My AIRAC provider is Navigraph.

and the O/S is Win7-64


When I try to update using the DbManager I get  "Warning!!! You have mounted & shared the folder in which the Flight Simulator is located. etc etc"


What does this mean? I have never seen such a message before, and I have been using your great utility for many years. It does give me the option of proceeding but at some risk that data may not be complete.  How do I overcome it?


As you can see above, I use WideFS to link my 2nd computer to my "flying" computer, but so far I am unable to get WideFS to link so I can't see if any airfields are incorrect.


A complication might be that I have FSX also on the 2nd computer, where I do all my other flying, notably low & slow. However, the DbManager does allow me to point to the FSX on my main computer.


Any help will be greatly appreciated.


Best regards


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Hi Volker


Thank you.  I know the procedure, I was not familiar with the terminology.


It was the "not permissible" bit that disturbed me most.  Who doesn't permit it?  I asked myself. Am I breaching terms of purchase? I worried.


I'll look further at the folder/drive sharing aspect of the lengthy "warning" comment.


Incidentally, I have solved the linkage problem - firewalls were on.




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