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Tracon 2012 - Looking for ATC radar history - KLAX - any suggestions?


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I've been listening to KLAX on the Live ATC website and watching the radar on Flight Aware.  However, since the data on Flight Aware is delayed and the radio is live it's hard to match up the two of course.  Does anyone know of a website that has synchronized radio/radar data?  I'm not worried about it being live, I'd just like to get a feel for how a typical day flows around the KLAX complex.


Also, at some point in my early browsing I once came across a picture that showed all of the flight tracks into KLAX over a number of hours or perhaps days.  It was easy to spot the SID/STAR tracks that were typically used for departures and approaches.  However, I can't find that data anymore as I don't recall where I came across it now.  Anyone have any ideas?

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Hey Japhus... I went looking for the same thing after finding these two traffic flow images (

some time ago) for Toronto's Pearson Int'l .... very cool and representative of a typical day

(or in this case I think 4 hours) 

The arrivals are in red ... note the 4 arrival streams ...

I can't locate the same imagery for LAX.


Alas..I've tried everything I know to create the Pearson Tracon through Tracon2012! sector creator

but to no avail...I just can't get around the 'runway problem'.





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Hi Gel,


Thanks for those Pearson images...interesting.  I did find something similiar to that for KLAX on one of the Noise Abatement pages.  It's only for night departures though.



Hi Satch,


Thanks for that link, it's so much more convenient than looking at all of the approach plates!  I'm going to have to add that website to my list of favourites.  It looks like it's a good resource.




In a perfect world I'd like to find a site that had say 2-3 hours (or more) of ATC synchronized radar and radio available to watch/listen.  I'd like to get a feel for how the real controllers handle situations that arise while handling flights.  A couple of weeks back while listening to the Live ATC I heard one controller repeatedly trying to contact a departing flight unsuccessfully.  It definetly was causing him some stress, you could really hear it in his voice.  I don't recall the flight number now, but he scolded that pilot for not answering his call four times in a row.



I've successfully landed a medical emergency in one of my playthroughs but it wasn't terribly challenging because there weren't that many flights inbound and it was easy to slot them in ahead of other flights.


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