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5.4c Download and patches.


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Hi guys, I have uninstalled Mytraffic 5.4c which I had downloaded at Christmas from Simmarket. I had been getting the NTDl error documented elsewhere. I am not getting the error since the uninstall. I have just downloaded 5.4C from simmarket today. Do I need to install any patches or texture files mentioned on the forums? I intend to use the 2012 schedules as well as this seems to have helped others.


Kind regards



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Hi James,

I just installed MT 5.4c(well I think my version is MTXv54C)  All went well with the install. Plenty of a/c. At 100% slider, chockers....25% seems a good balance, though I see many comments about the patches causing a drop in airport traffic unless you now increase the sliders to 100%??


Anyway, my first flights in the USA from KLAX straight west to KJFK, not long out of KLAX(PMDG 737NGX) I get the dreaded ntdll crashes. I saw in a post that invoking the 2012 schedule is better. Agree. My crashes have stopped straight away.



Do I have to load the 2012 schedule each time I load FSX? or is it set until I change it?

If I get the 2013 schedule going again, are there known "hot spots" where crashes are happening?

What info is needed to pinpoint the problem area to help resolve issue? 


I did notice when using FSUIPC's memory log, that MTCX uses a fair amount more ram, but still looks ok. I am planning to do some test flights and log results.




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Hi james,...Umm, when I used the 2012 schedule, I simply went into the communicator, selected the 2012 schedule and a batch file started up and when done, batch file went away. When I started up fsx, the traffic was there and my flight did not crash...so I presumed it had replaced my 2013 schedule and worked without rebuilding the schedules. Maybe the rebuild would take the setup back to standard? being 2013?..Anyway it seemed to work.

Another question:

How do you know what the current schedule it is you are using?



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