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With FSUIPC 4.929, I'm getting this error on log, what can be?


      811 ### Failed to obtain SIM1 Frictions access: no frictions facilities available!


What version of FS? What version of SIM1.


All this means is that the SIM1.DLL you are using is probably patched already. Some folks took advantage of a patched SIM1 from somewhere on the Internet, and the friction values in it were not original. Replace it with the correct SIM1 for your version of FS. 



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Restore the original sim1.dll file and use the dynamicfrictions.lua instead it much better and more sophisticated than then version you are trying to use now.


Where I can obtain this one and how should I install/do?

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I've FSX ACC, it was SIM1.DLL for single engine taxi and idle taxi, I've downloaded here (site not longer exists) http://fs-mp.com/sim1/


And was wrote it was done by you.


No, I have NEVER provided anyone with a patched SIM1.DLL. It is actually not legal to post Microsoft files for all to download.



Before with other versions this error never had.


Now with that version I got this error.


That is because with the previous version it was not being logged, but the check was still there. I added the log entry to make it clear to me and others when using the assorted P3D versions and patches whether something needed changes.



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