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I Installed It - Now How Do I Start It Up? (.exe file???)

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I have installed FSC 9.5 and I have run Database Manager.  Now, I would like to start FSC up and see what it's all about.


I can't find the .exe file anywhere.  FSX appears on my hard drive as: C/Flightplan.  I am running Windows 7.  I'm pretty sure I followed instructions for installing properly.


Where are they hiding the FSC.exe file?

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It's in the same folder as the Database Manager.

Here is what I have now:




I was instructed that the Installer would instal an FSC directory directly onto C drive, provided I set it to do that, which I did.  I don't see any FSC directory anywhere on C drive.  In fact, it is not there.  All I have is this "Flightplan" directory on C drive.  There is a sub-folder under Flightplan, titled FSC and you can see what is in that sub-folder (on the right).  I searched all of the other sub-folder's under Flightplan.  Most of them are empty.  Of those that have something in them, an .exe file is not part of the contents.


Where is the Database folder?  I can't find that anywhere either.  I right-clicked on the shortcut for the db manager and clicked on Properties.  It says the target is "FSC."




Edit Note: I have uninstalled FS Commander and am re-installing it.  I'm thinking I may have checked a wrong box or failed to check a correct box during the first installation.  Stand by . . .


They say a good test for intelligence is to stand a person in front of a bathtub, give them a thimble and a bucket and tell them to empty the tub as quickly as possible.  If they use the thimble, they are stupid.  If they use the bucket, they are stupid.  What they need to do is pull the plug in the tub.  Why do I mention this?


I reinstalled FSC-FX.  I still could not find it anywhere on C drive by using Windows Explorer.  What I wanted to do was create a shortcut for my desktop.  Heck, all I wanted to do was OPEN it.  I agonized over this for probably several hours today.  Then it occurred to me - don't use a thimble, don't use a bucket, just click on Start/All Programs and see if it's in there.  It is.  I am able to open it.  A shortcut has been created on my desktop.  Life is good.


Now, all I have to do is figure out how to use it.


(Still unanswered is the question of why there is no FSC directory on my C drive and why no .exe file appears anywhere in what appears to be the only folders I have on my computer relating to this program.  Oh well.)

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