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[Tower 2011] Some Airports are not found[Problem solved]


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Dear Gentleman,


I noticed a error via the game.log file. I played KATL. The game.log file said


Unknow airport: CLE(IATA)   ICAO not found!
Unknow airport: EWR(IATA)   ICAO not found!
Unknow airport: EWR(IATA)   ICAO not found!
Unknow airport: IAH(IATA)   ICAO not found!
Unknow airport: IAH(IATA)   ICAO not found!
Unknow airport: IAH(IATA)   ICAO not found!


So I had a look at my airports.txt. The funny thing is, that this Airports exists in the airports.txt. So can I ignore this error messages or why did not find the game ths airports ? I post you the entries from my aiports.txt in this thread.


CLE Cleveland(Intl)  OH  USA                 41.25 N   81.51 W KCLE

EWR Newark/New York(Liberty)  NJ  USA        40.41 N   74.10 W KEWR

IAH Houston(G.Bush Intl)  TX  USA            29.59 N   95.20 W KIAH


I searched this Problem via Google. Google found this problem but as the old forum is out you can´t have a look which solution was given.


best regards,




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I just ran an Atlanta scenario and did not see the results you reported in the log file.  The entries in the airports.txt file must have a specific format.  Atttached is the CLE part of my airports file for comparison. Disregard the underlines in the name of the airport--they don't matter.  If you can find those flights in your schedule, check to see if the airline involved is in the "airlines.txt" file and if the airline has a terminal assignment in the "Atlanta_airport_terminal.txt" file in the airfields folder.



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Hi Matthias,



Although those errors suggest, .. for the most part, .. that Airports are missing from the airports.txt file, it could also mean that you are missing an airline

from the airlines.txt file.


Have a look at the schedule.txt file, and check those flights (e.g. ATL, CLE, CR7, EV, 5029, 13:22, 11:27, 115, DL)  that have the 'unknown airport' codes, .. and verify that the Airline actually exists in the airlines.txt file.


In the game.log file, .. it's usually the flight number just above the error. In the above example the Flt No. would be EV5029


As for reading the game.log file .. somebody has to, .. as it's fairly obvious to me, .. that neither the developers, nor the beta testers do, ... 'cause if they did, I wouldn't have to spend 2 to 3 hours researching Airline and Airport codes, .. to add them to the appropriate database files, .. every time I bought a new addon Airport.  :mad:


I haven't purchased an Airport yet, .. and I have them all, .. where I didn't have to analyze the game.log file, to see what's missing .. and add the appropriate airports/airlines/airport terminals etc. etc..


One addon Airport, .. can't recall which one, ... had about +30 Airports missing. !!! :???:


It would soooooo nice to purchase an addon Airport, ... and not worry about checking the game.log. :razz:





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Good afternoon,


The error is that the Airplanes from CLE,EWR,IAH and the Airplanes to CLE,EWR,IAH are not shown. But I found something out. It seems that the flights not shown and produced this error are flown by the Airline with the iata designator "A136". This Airline does not exists in the airlines.txt. I think that has to be the error. I can´t find the Airline with the designator of A136 because this seems to not exist.


It could be that this flights are flown by JETLINK which is Continental Express. I can not find a IATA and ICAO Code for Continenal Express maybe somebody can help me with this Problem.


best regards




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Hi Tom,


I solved this Problem. I did it this way. I looked at the Connections which use the A136. It was all Codeshare flights from Continental. So I look for the IATA Code for Continental Express and it is "XE". So I changed all A136 to XE. Now everything is working fine here. Thank you for your help.





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