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Tracon dimming options


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Thanks for the reply...the radar control panel video control button was the first thing I tried, but it had no effect. The dashed centerline remains the same intensity as the airport symbol. Maybe it has something to do with my editing procedure. I selected "dotted lines" and right-clicked at the starting point (LGA) and laid it down. It was named "set me" by default.

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Got the centerline problem solved...used the default DASHED lines rather than the created DOTTED lines. Now, when I try to place an

outer marker on the LGA 4 centerline to see if a/c will take a handoff to the tower at that point, I can't get the marker to show up in the

game screen. It's displayed in the editing screen but not in the game screen. It would have been so much simpler if Vic's team had taken

a simple object creation tutorial and included it in the game. Identifying names of the attribute screen is one thing...showing the order and

sequence of creation is another, and would have been much more helpful. Hargrove's tutorials are great but are few in number.

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Hi Hartleecub,


Without seeing a screenshot of your attempt it's hard to know what might be wrong.  However, my first suggestion would be to take a look at the screenshot I've attached of the KLAX outer marker JETSA and see if you spot any differences.


I'm hoping to create sectors of my own at some point so I'm learning what to watch for from your experiences.  Hopefully this will be of some help to you.








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