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Was Ist los??? Registering FSC in German? No Can Do.

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Was ist los?  That's about all the German I know, which makes it very hard for me to register my newly-downloaded copy of

FS Commander, because the registration link provided on the main page of the FS Commander takes me to a Web site that is COMPLETELY IN GERMAN. 


This looks like the kind of navigation program I am after.  I am more than happy to "register" (i.e., pay for) it.  Happy to do so, as soon as I can figure out how to do it IN ENGLISH.


What do I have to do? 


Edit Note:  I tried Googling "How do I register FS Commander in English?"  It starts out OK - the opening page is in English.  I can say I want to buy it and then proceed to Checkout.  Once I get to checkout, however, everything is in German.  Frustrating.  Really need some help on this one.

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If you go to http://www.fscommander.com and scroll down to the bottom right, you will see a section on Registration.  In it is a link to Simmarket. Click on it.  If you get a non English page, look at the upper left side of the page and you will see a British flag.  Click it and you will get an English page.

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Thanks, Tom!  Of course -  a tiny, little British flag way in the upper left.  How could I not have deciphered that?


Don'tcha just love computers?


Of course, nothing is ever easy.  I was able to complete the order in English.  After I had paid, I went to my email to get the registration number.  Of course, the email was entirely in German.  The only number I could see in there turned out to be the order number, not the registration code.  WTF???


I will wait a reasonable amount of time - somethimes it takes a bit of time for a registration email to arrive.  What did I do - forget to click on something just before placing the order?  All of the pages I had to go through, including the last one, were in English.


Final edit note:  What a flipping hassle!  Finally got it solved.  In case you are interested: the email never came, at least nothing in English.  I went back and re-read instructions.  In fine print, it says I could also get my registration code from My Account at the simFlight store.  I went in there and got it.  The first time I tried it, it didn't work, of course ("Invliad data entry").  With curses rebounding off the wall, I tried it again.  This time it said registration was successful.  I have yet to actually open up FS Commander - if things keep going the way they have been, it will probably say my version is still unregistered.  Hope not.  (Opened it.  It says it's registered to me.  Whew!)


Thanks for your help.  You got me on the track that ultimately solved the problem.  Appreciate it much!

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