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AI Flights being removed for no reason?


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I got STB recently and I've been using it successfully


However, I like to SHADOW AI Aircraft and watch them fly from start to finish.  I wasnt using the chase or follow AI.

This works some of the time but I have seen that the flights disappear and then knock me back to my starting airport where I had positioned my aircraft before shadowing them.


Why does this happen?   I have changed the settings to make it so that it doesnt remove departed flights for 600 mins

I am using Predictions as my level of detail


And I am using World of AI.


I do have Traffic X, but world of AI was newer and better as far as flight paths.


I read that Flight Sim can delete AI aircraft for no reason.  however I have the AI Aircraft slider set to 100% so it shouldnt remove anything.


These deletions seem to happen near approach.  So I turned off Enforce Approach separation so that it would just land the planes.

I also un chcked the Use the STP Sim plug in to delete AI Aircraft so that was not the cause.


I am at a loss.  I really dont want the AI aircraft to be removed from the game unless I SAY so.  So is this FSX or is it the traffic board?



I have used a different traffic board on FS2004 and it doesnt remove the ai aircraft.  it just follows the plane throughout its flight.


If anyone has any ideas please let me know.



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To my knowledge, the only times FSX delets AI traffic is:


1) When the AI is no longer inside the reality bubble

2) When taxiing, and has failed to move for a certain period

3) When suitable parking is not available

4) At time acceleration > 4x


If it's not one of those, I'm afraid I don't know the cause.  If you wishyou can set up an STB trace as per appendix C of the user guide and I'll try to work out why FSX deleted it, but it is not always clear.


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The reality bubble is not terribly precise, and may vary with altitude.  Perhaps 80nm?


I understand what you are saying, but I can't prevent FSX deleting AI aircraft if it so chooses.  I've never experienced what you are describing, and all I can do from an STB side is to put you in the best possible position to avoid having the AI deleted. 



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