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Saitek Throttle reverse setting 2nd lever in wrong position

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Hello Pete,

I'm not sure if I should ask about the problem I'm having with you, but since I'm not sure where to start, maybe you can help me on my way.

I've got a Saitek Pro Flight yoke and throttle system and the reverse setting from the 2nd lever isn't working correctly.  When I push the lever down, FSUIPC doesn't register any controller signal, however it does when I pull the lever back up to the idle position. Also when I pull the lever back from full, the control signal is send at the moment the lever reaches the idle position.

My first thought was that the sensor that triggers the control signal is placed at idle position instead of the reverse position, but a friend told me he had seen this before and it might also be software related.

I'm using the system through SPAD and FSUIPC 4.927a, with P3D 1.4.

I hope you might be able to identify the problem and advise on fixing it, or at least help me on my way finding the cause.

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FSUIPC can only (apart from the ones sent by Offset like PFC) see axes Windows does see. So any axes not or not correct seen by Windows will behave like that of course in FSUIPC.

First control Windows Joystick control panel and re-calibrate. Only a correct in Windows seen axis can be seen correct in FSUIPC.

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