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Questions prior to purchase Embraer Phenom 100 by FeelThere LE


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I am considering the purchase of Embraer Phenom 100 by FeelThere LE but have a couple of questions.


1. Will the installer be an .exe or .msi file. For some reason I have difficulty installing programs such

    as Adobe and others using a .msi installer. I don't wish to reinstall Win7 64 bit at this stage as all

    my research has ascertained that reinstalling windows might cure the problem since all other options

    canvassed on various fora have not overcome the problem?.


2. Are navdata updates (navigraph or aerosoft) available for the Phenom 100?.


Your advice/assistance would be appreciated.


Noel Southam



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Will the installer be an .exe


the compressed file is an exe (at least when you purchase from feelThere)

Are navdata updates (navigraph or aerosoft) available for the Phenom 100?.

the Phenom is an LE product -

Sometimes you just want to fly, or you are new to flight simulation, and don't wish spend 30 minutes preflighting an aircraft. Maybe today you don't want to spend much effort to create a flightplan and programming a flight management computer. feelThere LE aircraft are designed to be detailed enough to immerse you in the simulation experience and quickly get into the air from power-up to takeoff. Many systems are modeled, just not every system. You will find the level of detailed is greater than any flight simulator default aircraft. The systems that are modeled behave correctly; or are only slightly simplified. LE aircraft are designed for fun … which is the point for playing Microsoft's Flight Simulator.

the Phenom's FMC is the FS GPS is being used with a 'visual overlay'. this means that there is no update available from navigraph (unless they figure out how to update the FS 'FMC' database).

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