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Airport Editor Issue

Randy Jones

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I had sent this question in to the support folks on the atcsuite.com site, but wanted to post it here as well:


I am having an issue with the Airfield Editor and need some guidance. I notice that, in the KSEA add on (and other airports), the gates that come with the airports are green with these light green chevron lines through them (and are able to take arriving and departing traffic). Gates that I have added don't have these lines, but are still green, but will not accept arrivals. I think I have all the fields selected properly, and they're assigned terminals fine (they get planes when I start the game). I've read the handbook and looked at other examples in the editor and can't seem to create or reproduce the gates with those chevron marks and that's what I assume I need to do in order to fix my problem, correct? How do I do that?


Anyone have any insight into this?

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The chevrons indicate unidirectional (one-way) taxiways.


Please make sure that you have the correct type and direction selected, "TAXIWAY Terminal in/out" and "Forward, incoming" works well for me.


I have yet to find out what the difference is between "Taxiway Parking" and "TAXIWAY Terminal in/out", but I haven't seen the former used anywhere yet.


Hope that helps.

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I have an interesting issue with using Airfield Editor in the Tower!2011 SDK.

Right up front, I am creating the image files for the airport I am trying to model, and when I bring the first .tga file in, it is, how can I describe it, inside-out? totally flipped and inverted.  Cant do much with that unfortunately.  I can rotate the image, but it is inside-out..

The airfield is NZAA, Auckland International, New Zealand.

RAR File attached with the screenshots.  The first jpg file is the screen capture from google maps, the other is the screen capture of the editor when I import the .tga converted file (also in the rar file).


Any advice?  Or should I give up on trying to make my home airport?






I have also put this into its own topic

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