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Going insane with winds!!! HELP

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hi all,

i have tried everything i can. read the docs in pete's builds and FS2004 help.

i can get clouds and rain and fog, reduced vis. etc. but this wind thing is nuts.

i follow just what the help says to do, by going into weather and hitting custom settings icon, then advance, and i set a surface wind up to 250 ft, then add a wind layer of 16k from after surface to 2500ft, with a cross wind direction set.

when i click ok for advance to take, i then get back to custom/quick weather icons, WHICH NOW SHOW winds at only 8k!!!!! i get to the runway and it shows the 3kts i programmed for that surface, but when flying, and i get to above 500 even, the winds still show either 3kts or random readings.

if i set winds right from the fast/quick sliders, it does take, but the surface winds will be at what ever levels i just set with the fast sliders. i cant win. i either have no winds where i want them, or i have winds that i did not want at that ht.

pete, in your fsuipc mods window, is there something i am missing? does anyone else have this problem with winds. what am i doing wrong here.



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pete, in your fsuipc mods window, is there something i am missing? does anyone else have this problem with winds. what am i doing wrong here.

Don't set anything at all in FSUIPC's Winds page. That will just confuse you if you don't know how to use FS's Weather dialogues. Make sure nothing is checked in that page. There is nothing there to help you do what you want in any case. FSUIPC does not set any layers, and for FS settings it doesn't even touch them in any case (unless you've selected the change FS weather option in the Technical page, which I wouldn't advise).

See if FS Help tells you how to use FS weather dialogues. I must admit I've always found their manual weather layer setting method very confusing -- it's always been so in my opinion. It's not only the wind layers, also clouds and temperature layers. Sometimes you think you've set some layer correctly only to find FS has replaced your carefully selected values with zeroes. I expect there's a method of using the dialogues which works consistently, but, sorry, I am not the one to advise how, as it confuses me too! :(



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