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MTX SID/STAR/Waypoints Question

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I am on MTX 5.4b and I believe that the MTX AI flys direct from the departure airport to the destination airport. MTX does not use any SID's, STAR's, flight plan with waypoints or any waypoints at all along the way.


Can you confirm this or correct me if I am wrong.


I am most interested in if MTX uses FSX default waypoints in anyway.  I updated the FSX default waypoints from the below link and I want to know if there will be any potential problem.  I do not think there will be since I do not think MTX uses waypoints in anyway, but can you please confirm.






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No, As far as I know any traffic injected into the sim that uses the standard .bgl file will fly the "great circle route" i.e. Direct, and will not follow SID's and STAR's. Ultimate Traffic 2 uses database (.db) files and Injects the AI into the sim using SimConnect, these follow real life SID's, STAR's & Waypoints etc. I know limited information on that subject, so lets wait for Burkhard to clarify on that one.


You may be interested in this tool by Roland Foster on Avsim, it makes all your AI Aircraft follow the most appropriate SID or STAR for its route, so far it looks like only four airports are supported at the moment, LHR, JFK, ORD and LAX - Just search for "AISIDSTAR"

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MyTraffic uses the FSX AI engine, which does not know about way Points.


You can use flight plans, made using the FSX internal flight planner, which than can follow way Points as know to FSX when the flight plans got created - this can be used by MyTraffic Interactive which is somehow similar to what UT2 does.

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