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Rudders with Parking Brake release

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Hi Pete,


Congratulations about your work  :razz: .


I have a small problem... i have saitek rudder's and a RevSim Throttle Motorized PnP, and i need to know if is implanted or you can find a way to do this :


When press the two rudder pedal to max (or aprox), they trigger a way of send a offset to TQ to act in release the parking brake (i have the RevSim offset).


Next week i will received my RevSim Rudders Interlinked, but my friends would enjoy this.





Best regards,

Nuno Batalha

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Yes, if i'm capable. But i cannot understand LUA.


Of course no one "understands LUA" without at least looking and reading and thinking.


You only need to read the brake settings (one of the ipc.readXX functions) compare the numbers returned to whatever your threshold should be, and so decide whether to write to the offset which controls your switch (using one of the ipc.writeXX functions).


I can help and advise, but I don't write programs for folks. Try at least looking at what it provided -- there are lots of examples.  Ask questions if you get stuck, but make a start. You can't actually get stuck if you haven't even started!



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