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Miami airport with runways 08L, 08R and 12 - big problems


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I just recently - about two weeks ago - bought Tower! 2011 Multiplayer Edition (according to the file name it's SP4) and am very much hooked.


I started to play at Miami airport and in the beginning used runways 26R, 26L and 30. So far everything looked very good.


Then i wanted to play with runways 08R, 08L and 12 in use, but there everything is not fine anymore.

Here's what I found so far:

  1. In order to make planes taxi to runway 08R you have to say "AAL203 taxi to runway 08R". "AAL 203 taxi to runway 8R" does not work - neither with voice recognition nor by using the keyboard.
  2. If you sent a plane to a runway - e.g. "EGF3635 taxi to runway 08R at JJ" - the plane will not only taxi to the runway but actually line up on it - without you giving it any other instruction
  3. When a plane has landed on runway 08L it won't just exit the runway and wait for futher instructions but actually cross runway 08R - without any instruction! - and then stop at the taxiway M.

All the abovementioned things are very much reproducible.


I have attached my game.log where I issued the same commands I mentioned above (with exactly these plane-identifiers).


I noticed two more things - that are reproducible as well but I don't have a game.log ready right now:

  1. No matter if runways 26L/R or 08L/R are in use it happens that planes get a runway assigned that is actually too short for them to land. For example when runways 26L/R are in use a heavy plane (without the real-life extension installed) is assigned runway 26R, does not find an exit there (as the runway is too short for it and one get's a 'no exit'-penalty) and keeps on taxiing after the runway until it has reached the end of the map where it disappears.
  2. I can actually assign inactive runways to departing and arriving aircraft! I only discovered this by chance as I had runways 26L/R and 30 in operation but got a B747/H that was not able to take-off from any of these. I tried to assign runway 27 which lead them to taxi and take off from it (although it was not active)...

About the latter two I am not 100 % sure if these are bugs or intentional features.


Best Regards


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Hi Ampfing,


I'm not sure about your issues with runways 8L&R, I have never noticed that. I seem to recall there was a fix for that. The developers would probably be better suited to answer that.


As for your active runways, when you select your runway(s) at the start of a session, that will determine arrivals only. You can then use any runway of your choice for departures. eg If you want arrivals on 27 and departures 30, simply select 27 at the start only and give departing aircraft taxi to 30.


As for heavy planes coming on on 26L&R, get onto them early and give them "enter final runway 27". Once they have acknowledged change of runway be sure to give them landing clearance otherwise they will go around. Think of it as an approach controller's error in giving them an incorrect runway.



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Hi Graham,

Thanks a lot for your answer.

So at least the two things are more like features than bugs - although I'm still not so sure about the wrong runway assignments but hopefully one of the developers will comment on that.

Best Regards

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As I understand it. The correct ATC phraseology for runways with headings under 100 deg is to put a zero in front of the runway identification E.g. Runway allocated as 7 is called 07 by ATC. That makes for less chance of confusion if an airport has say a runway 7 and a runway 27 by using the zero in front of the rwy 7 there is less chance of confusion.


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just wanted to give a short feedback: It worked like a charm! After changing the files the errors are gone and the behaviour of the airplanes is as expected.


Thanks a lot again for the help

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