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Trip fuel load not correct


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I searched the forum for any threads on why the FSC can't generate a fairly accurate fuel load when it knows the aircraft type. The last post i saw was dated 2010 in which it was stated that FSC just cannot do that (despite being told the aircraft type).


Has anything changed in the last 4 years to allow a more accurate trip planning fuel load when you have set your aircraft type?


I emailed Volker and while he did respond promptly, his answer was not acceptable to me:


"You have to determine the consumption in several flights. Subsequently, the parameters must be adjusted in the Aircraft window."


(1) Exactly how do I determine the fuel consumption?


(2) Where do I then make these adjustments in the Aircraft window? I don't see any fuel edit fields in the Aircraft window.


Has this process improved over the years or it is really just that FSC isn't good at calculating trip fuel for a 737-600 (I am flying the PMDG 737-800 but I see that aircraft doesn't appear on the list of aircraft, which puzzles me too).


I used vroute and it calculated a fairly accurate fuel load for my route the first time.


I can manually calculate my own trip fuel when I enter my route into the FMC based on a spreadsheet I built for that purpose, but I was looking for a flight planning tool to do it for me. I thought FSC could do it but apparently it can't.






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First of all, FSC is a flightplanner and not a flight dispatcher tool. Meaning, that it primarly is a flight planner. You had enough time to use the programme as a shareware version before buying it.


You say you looked  for information on the fuel. I did as well and found these two links, where it is explained, why the fuel gimmick is not accurate.








You asked "how do I determine the fuel consumption". ( And at the end of the message you state thet you created a spreadsheet!!!)


Approx 8 tons per hour for a jet.


Make let´s say 10 flights. Determine the consumption for each flight. Add them up and divide by ten.


If you you require more accurate data then look here:




or buy TopCat and PFPX.


I actually do not understand you problem. Is it a hobby, or are you trying to be a real life pilot? (In that case you should know how to calculate the average fuel consumtion)






PS: by the way, did you read this before posting?





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Yes, I saw both of those links you kindly provided. Those are the dated ones I was referring to when I asked has anything changed now that it is 2014 (answer is no, nothing has changed).


I should have been more clear on the spreadsheet. Yes, I created it to calculate fuel loads but it integrates into the 737NGX FMC so fuel burn data and isn't made available outside of the FMC calculations. I was looking for a flight planning tool that would also calculate fuel load.



>or buy TopCat and PFPX.


That answers my question: FSC cannot calculate fuel needed for a given trip by itself as these other products can.


>First of all, FSC is a flightplanner and not a flight dispatcher tool.


Thank you for clarifying that. The term "flightplanner" may lead one to believe that the product can calculate fuel loads (That's what PFPX is called, a "Flight Planner" tool and that is what FSC is).


Thanks for taking the time to fully answer my question re fuel loading calculations.

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